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Illuminator vs. Redeemer

AuthorChristopher Buck
Title of item
Illuminator vs. Redeemer
Subtitle of item
Was Ebionite Adam/Christ Prophetology "Original," Anti-Pauline, or "Gnostic"?
Date of this edition 1982/2012
Permission author
Typed 2012-03 by Bobbi Lyons
Posted 2012-03-16 by Jonah Winters
Proofread 2012-03 by Christopher Buck
Formatted 2012-03 by Bobbi Lyons
Classified in Unpublished Articles
Abstract Contains no mention of the Bahá'í Faith, but is of interest because of the phenomenological resonance between the Ebionite Christian doctrine of the "True Prophet" with the Bahá’í doctrine of the “Manifestation of God.”
Notes Written in June 1982, revised in 1983 as Illuminator vs. Redeemer: A Trajectory of Ebionite Christology from Prophet Messianism to Baha'I Theophanology. Proofread/formatted by Bobbi Lyons and updated by Buck in 2012.
Tags Adam and Eve; Christianity; Ebionism; Interfaith dialogue; Jesus Christ; Judaism
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