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Colonialism, Nationalism and Jewish Immigration to Palestine

AuthorKamran Ekbal
Title of item
Colonialism, Nationalism and Jewish Immigration to Palestine
Subtitle of item
Abdu'l-Baha's Viewpoints Regarding the Middle East
Date of this edition 2014
LanguageEnglish and Persian
Permission author
Posted 2017-08-16 by Jonah Winters
Proofread 2017-08 by Jonah Winters
Formatted 2017-08 by Jonah Winters
Classified in Unpublished Articles
Abstract Abdu'l-Bahá was opposed to the cultural and political colonialism of foreign powers and their militaries. In spite of the Bahá'í principle of abstaining from politics, exceptions can be made in the face of tyranny and injustice.
Notes Also available in Microsoft Word format.

Also available in Persian, as published in Iran Nameh 2012.

Tags Alexander the Great; Allegories and metaphors; Aqsa Mosque; Balfour Declaration; Calamities and catastrophes; Civilization; Communication; Conspiracy theories; Constitutional Movement; Constitutions (general); Crusades; Disarmament; Dreyfus affair; Economics; Enlightenment; Ethics; Forgiveness; Freedom and liberty; General Allenby; Globalization; History (general); Holy Land; Holy of Holies; Human rights; Ihsanullah Khan; Imperialism/colonialism; Injustice; Interfaith dialogue; Iranian constitution; Iranian constitution; Islam; Isra and Miraj; Jews; Jihad (Holy War); Judaism; Justice (general); Kindness; Leo Tolstoy; Mashriqul-Adhkar (House of Worship); Mashriqul-Adhkar, Haifa; Media; Moderation; Muhammad Abduh; Napoleon I; Nationalism; Obedience; Oneness of mankind; Opposition; Oppression; Ottoman Empire; Peace; Politics; Prejudice; Progressive revelation; Prophecies; Reform; Religion (general); Renaissance; T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia); Tamerlane; Taqiyyah (dissimulation); Temple of Solomon; Temple of Solomon; Transportation; Unity; Unity of religion; Violence; War (general); Weapons; Young Turks; Zia Bagdadi; Zionism
Locations Israel; Palestine; Egypt; Iran (documents); Middle East; France; United Kingdom; Russia; United States (documents); China; Gilan; Spain; Balkans; Italy; Libya; Algeria; Tiberias; Jerusalem
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