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Light of the World

Author Abdu'l-Bahá
Title of item
Light of the World
Subtitle of item
Selected Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá
Publisher of this ed.
Bahá'í World Centre
Date of this edition 2021
Permission Open copyright (see Baha'i Reference Library sharing terms, BIC copyright statement, and uhj_permission_electronic_texts)
Posted 2021-05-02 by Brett Zamir
Formatted 2021-04 by Jonah Winters
Classified in Bahá'í Writings
Abstract Tablets of ‘Abdul-Bahá describing aspects of the life of Bahá’u’lláh including the tribulations He suffered, events in His homeland, the purpose and greatness of His Cause, and the nature and significance of His Covenant.
Notes Mirrored from (HTML export of Word doc), where it is also available in PDF format. See also an updated, numbered Microsoft Word version (M. Thomas, 2022/2024).

See also a press release about this publication (BWNS 2021-05-01), and scan of the book's index.

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Tags Abdul-Baha, Life of (documents); Abdul-Baha, Writings and talks of; Abdul-Mihdi; Abdul-Vahhab; Abraham; Administration; Afterlife; Angels; Aqa Mirza Asadullah; Arc of ascent and descent; Attainment unto the Divine presence; Bab, Remains of; Bab, Sarcophagus for; Bab, Shrine of; Bahai Faith, Purposes of; Bahaullah and the Bab; Bahaullah, Ascension of; Bahaullah, Banishment of; Bahaullah, Life of (documents); Bahaullah, Station of; Bahji; Bayan; Bible; Birds; Christianity; Complaining; Conference of Badasht; Covenant (general); Covenant-breakers; Cypress trees; Day of the Covenant; Divine Assistance; Drama; Esther (Bible); Exile (banishment); Fasting; Free will; Freedom and liberty; Gabriel (angel); Gardens; Genealogy; Gradual implementation of laws; Holy Spirit; House of Bahaullah (Baghdad); House of Bahaullah (Bahji); Human nature; Interfaith dialogue; Interpretation; Inventions; Jesus Christ; Joseph (Prophet); Kitab-i-Iqan (Book of Certitude); Lakes; Laura Clifford Barney; Laws; Light of the World (book); Manifestations of God; Mirza Abul-Fadl Gulpaygani; Mirza Hadiy-i-Dawlat-Abadi; Mirza Husayn Khan; Mirza Muhammad Ali; Mirza Yahya (Subh-i-Azal); Moses; Mount Carmel; Muhammad (Prophet); Murgh-Mahallih (Abode of the Birds); Obligatory prayer; Opposition; Persecution; Persecution; Persecution, Iran; Peter (Apostle); Philosophy; Phoenix; Pilgrimage; Plays; Prayer; Prayer texts; Prison; Prophecies; Quddus; Ridvan; Sarcophagus; Service; Spiritual Assemblies; Tahirih; Teaching; Tents; Tests and difficulties; Twin Manifestations; Words and phrases
Locations Akka; Haifa; Mazandaran; Tihran; Iran (documents); Shimiran; Badasht; Iraq; Sulaymaniyyih; Baghdad; Shiraz; Fars; Turkey; Istanbul (Constantinople); Egypt; Alexandria
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