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TAGS: Green Acre; Interfaith dialogue; Sarah Farmer; World Parliament of Religions
LOCATIONS: Eliot; Maine; United States
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An early history of Greenacre and some of its notable visitors and presentations.
See also Introduction to Green Acre Bahá'í School (1990) and The Rise and Fall of the Parliament of Religions at Greenacre (1931).

This document is online in a variety of formats at Three versions are provided here: the original image scan, an OpenOffice version proofread and formatted by Ernie Jones (2017), and a PDF of the proofread version.

Greenacre on the Piscataqua

by Anna Josephine Ingersoll

New York: Allegiance Publishing Company, 1900

1. PDF of image scans

2. OpenOffice version

Click here to download: ingersoll_greenacre_piscataqua.odt.

3. Proofread, OCR-ed text

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