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Notes taken by B. Buckley.

See obituary, Leroy C. Ioas, Hand of the Cause of God, 1896-1965, Bahá'í World, Volume XIV, p. 291.

Notes to a talk given by Hand of the Cause Ioas in Pasadena California

by Leroy Ioas

edited by B. Buckley
Mr. Ioas said in 1952 he and Mrs. Ioas went to serve the Guardian in Haifa - there was such a spirit of unity and fellowship as the Bahá'ís came to visit. This was a wonderful opportunity - then the Conferences gave them the opportunity to meet Bahá'ís of various races. The Guradian [sic] sent them to Jakarta - the other part of the world from Haifa to be his representative.

Jnabe Fazil [sic] - He was from a very important family, he was sent to Tehran for his education. He attended the Bahá'í School; he became a Bahá'í then to Arabia to introduce the Faith, he was called the "Conquerer of Arabia." The tree [sic] took off for Jakarta - as they went along several more joined them in the plane, as they continued they kept picking up Bahá'ís (also they were met by enthusiastic Bahá'ís at the airports). Finally they had 46 Bahá'ís on the plane; they all kept kissing and were so happy to be together they were inspired, they had this bond of unity. The Bahá'ís all visited - you are at home and have friends when you meet the Bahá'ís in any part of the world. This was in contrast and very noticible as there were two Catholic priests on the plane, one was trave,ong [sic] tourist and the other 1st class. They never spoke, when the plane stopped and they got off. They did not fratinize. Two leaders of Christendom and they were not talking while the Baha'I were so happy to be together.

In Africa the Bahá'ís are most capable. Swaziland is doing very well (the Allen's from North Calif. are there) The Princess Kanabi became a Bahá'í - she is a young girl of 21. She wanted to be the Quarratu'l- `Ayn of Swaziland. In Africa the Bahá'ís have great devotion to the Cause - the rapid spread is not a surface thing they are becoming ardent Bahá'ís.

The Bahá'ís have suffered a great loss - with the passing of the Guardian - Leroy has been used to dealing with business - when he met the Guardian he was small in stature but with a dynamic personality; he made rapid decisions. Illustration - the German NSA was looking for land for the building of their Temple, they sent maps with locations, etc.; there was a large file. Ruhiyyih Khanum brought the file to Leroy to look over; he went through the file immediately; he liked plan C, told the Guardian who said fine; cable them.

He was always amazed at the manner in which the Guardian maintained knowledge of the Bahá'í world. He always had the information at his finger tips. There were no doubts with the Guardian. Here is a man intensely spiritual, still a terrific driver. He was like a dynamo, like a generator; the power always worked. The power of the spirit moved right through him. Divine Guidance really given to him.

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He was asked one evening regarding the House of Justice, Leroy felt it wouldn't work. The Guardian looked at Leroy and said: You don't think it will work but when I get this feeling that God gave me, I know I'm right.

He had great power and understanding of what takes place - at times he would say: You're not giving me all the information.

Leroy met `Abdu'l-Bahá, with the Master it was a simple process, the flowing of the Spirit - there is a difference - Bahá'u'lláh was the Manifestation - all knowledge of `Abdu'l-Bahá was conferred through Bahá'u'lláh. The Guardian was promised infallibility and Divine Guidance. Therefore it is not an understanding but a guidance.

Infallibility - asked the Guardian are you infallible in everything? His eyes kept getting bigger and bigger. He said: Leroy, haven't you read the Will and Testament?

Leroy said: Shoghi Effendi, I've written many letters for you and you tell people that when they are sick to see a doctor and when it is about money you tell them to see an expert. Do you have limitations?

The Guardian replied: Bahá'u'lláh said to consult experts so the Guardian tells them, too.

Infallibility of the House of Justice - it is Divinely guided within the field of their functions - dependent upon the Guardian at the House of Justice - this is not so - no relationship with the Guardian; it is completely independent. The House of Justice will be Divinely guided.

The Guardian was very humble - he always said never mention `Abdu'l-Bahá and the Guardian together; Abdu'l-Bahá was an ocean, the Guardian a drop. The Guardian had great capacity and power, still he was always humble.

When the Guardian was in England studying and received word of the death of `Abdu'l-Bahá he thought he would have the honor of being allowed to call the conclave for the House of Justice. He was very surprised to find he was the Guardian; he didn't want this. He consulted the Greatest Holy Leaf - he went away fought with himself till he conquered himself and turned himself over to God. We must all conquer ourselves to be proper instruments to serve the Cause; we must let the spirit flow through us.

The Guardian had a terrific job building up the instruments and agency. With his passing we are left without guidance? As far as we can see it is within the 10- year Crusade - God's plan for the Bahá'ís. If we adhere to these plans till the House of Justice we will always have Divine Guidance.

Regarding Samandari who met Bahá'u'lláh. Bahá'u'lláh was at the Mansion. Abdu'l-Bahá was in Haifa. He hadn't seen baha'u'llah for a week. After 10 days he asked permission to visit and was told yes. He went up; had a cup of tea; Bahá'u'lláh said: I heard you were complaining you hadn't attained for 10 days. You have been with Abdu'l-Bahá therefore you have attained.

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Abdu'l-Bahá's mission was to build the Shrine of the Bab. Bahá'u'lláh said that is where the Shrine should be built. Abdu'l-Bahá bought the land then issued instructions for the building. The Master built 6 rooms; the Guardian added 3 rooms.

Look at what the Bahá'ís have done; the 5 five years if [sic] this 10-Year Crusade have been glorious; the next 5 will be more glorious. The progress of the Faith is moving; our task is to finish the 10-Year Crusade.

The position of the Hands of the Faith are the Chief Stewards of the Faith; they elect 9 among them to serve in the Holy [sic]. As Chief Stewards they must see that the Guardian's plans are fulfilled. Their ambition is to deliver the Cause to the House of Justice.

The Guardian always got up early to take care of the corresoindence [sic]. He had tea and visited with the Eastern pilgrims then evenings he spent with the Western pilgrims. He would see people intimately. When asked: Why do you make yourself available to the Bahá'ís; why not just give them an audience? The Guardian said: Not at this time; in the future.

The Hands do not claim infallibility and do not have it. The Universal House of Justice only has infallibility when meeting as a body. The House of Justice will be located in Haifa. All religions have spirtual and administrative centers separate - not the Bahá'ís. The Spiritual Center now in Akka, the place for the House of Justice was established in the Tablet of Carmel. The Arc of God sailing on Mt. Carmel.

Question asked regarding who would serve on the House of Justice. Why men? This is the House of Justice; men are best able to practice Justice; women have kindness, love, etc. The Master gave the explanation; many others will be given.

Question: How come the Jews are the chosen people - what is meant by: God has chosen the Jews. Ans.: they were set up in the Holy Land the protectorate for the Bahá'í Faith. This is being done.

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