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Common ground between Hinduism’s Brahman and the Bahá'í conception of God, and the complex understanding they propose of the soul and Atman.
Mirrored with permission from the author's website, where she has many other articles, and two ebooks for sale: The Coming of Age of Humanity and Mending the Circle: A Practical Guide to Facilitating Groups.

Comparison of God and Soul Concepts from a Bahá'í and Hindu Point of View:
Conceptions and Experiences of the Afterlife

by Diane Robinson Kerr

About: To attempt some kind of synthesis of Hinduism in a short time is difficult and akin to how astronomers must feel when confronted with the complexity of the universe. I have chosen Hinduism and the Baha’i Faith because of the contrast between the diffused, multi-faceted approach of Hinduism and the focused clarity of the Baha’i Faith. The other reason I have chosen these two is because of the antiquity of Hinduism and the newness of the Baha’i Faith having begun as recently as1844. In this paper I have mainly focused on Hinduism’s Brahman in comparison with God as described in the Baha’i Teachings and the complex understanding they both propose of the soul and Atman. Because of my personal belief that the essence of all religion is one, I was interested in finding the common thread between these two. Even though there seems to be such a difference, especially with concepts like reincarnation, I hoped I was able to dust off the differences enough to find some common ground shared by both.
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