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A lengthy proclamation of the new Manifestation, written in a theological, comparative, and historical approach.
This book is online in a variety of formats at The PDF copies below have been stripped of blank pages. The text versions have not been fully corrected. Volume #1 was OCRed by two different people, and both versions are provided; the Google version is newer.

This book is not "covenant-breaker material," in that it doesn't actually dispute the covenant, and it was written before Khayru'lláh broke with Abdu'l-Bahá.

Behá 'U'lláh (the glory of God)

by Ibrahim George Kheiralla

edited by Howard MacNutt
Chicago: I. G. Kheiralla, publishers, 1900

1. PDF of image scans, Volume 1

Click to download:

Optimized PDF (2023): kheiralla_behaullah_glory_god_vol1_cleaned.pdf [6 MB].
Original PDF: kheiralla_behaullah_glory_god_vol1.pdf [6 MB].

2. PDF of image scans, Volume 2

Click to download:

Optimized PDF (2023): kheiralla_behaullah_glory_god_vol2_cleaned.pdf [6 MB].
kheiralla_behaullah_glory_god_vol2.pdf [10 MB].

3. Uncorrected text

Volume 1:version 1, kheiralla_behaullah_vol_1_google-scan.txt
Volume 1:version 2, kheiralla_behaullah_vol_1_troxel-scan.txt
Volume 2:kheiralla_behaullah_vol_2.txt
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