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Twenty volumes of scholarship in Persian, based on proceedings and papers from the Society of Persian Arts and Letters conferences (Khoosh-i-Ha'i Az Kharman-i-Adab va Honar = "from the rich harvest of Persian culture and literature").
Though published by Landegg and later Asr-i-Jadid, these volumes were largely unavailable except for purchase at the London conferences. Some of the volumes are thematic, including on notable Baha'is; others include works on important historical figures and scholars, detailed investigations of certain Baha'i scriptures, and papers and commentaries on Persian culture. These conferences started in the early 1990s in Landegg, then moved to Tambach for short period, and finally came to London.
Written in Persian.

Khúshih-Há'í Az Kharman-i-Adab va Honar ( خوشه هایی از خرمن ادب و هنر )


updates in progress; individual articles will be posted in early 2021

Scans of tables of contentsComplete volumes
kharman_adab_honar_contents_1.pdf -[5 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_1.pdf -[26 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_2.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_2.pdf -[40 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_3.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_3.pdf -[37 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_4.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_4.pdf -[39 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_5.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_5.pdf -[48 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_6.pdf -[1 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_6.pdf -[203 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_7.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_7.pdf -[55 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_8.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_8.pdf -[25 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_9.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_9.pdf -[45 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_10.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_10.pdf -[189 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_11.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_11.pdf -[59 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_12.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_12.pdf -[49 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_13.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_13.pdf -[181 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_14.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_14.pdf -[164 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_15.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_15.pdf -[43 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_16.pdf -[1 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_16.pdf -[149 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_17.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_17.pdf -[172 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_18.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_18.pdf -[145 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_19.pdf -[2 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_19.pdf -[56 MB]
kharman_adab_honar_contents_20.pdf -[1 MB]kharman_adab_honar_complete_20.pdf -[36 MB]
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