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Philosophy is one of the most under-utilized resources in the quest for an improved psycho-spiritual environment and an improved relationship to the natural world.
Paper delivered at the 33rd Annual ABS Conference "Environments," Washington DC, August 13-16, 2009.

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Bahá'í Writings, Philosophy and Environment

by Ian Kluge

Abstract: Drawing on decades of high school teaching experience using philosophical inquiry as a teaching tool, this paper explores how philosophy, which Shoghi Effendi describes as a “sound branch of learning,” contributes to a better inner environment thereby improving the external environment. Among other things, philosophy encourages thoughtfulness, reflection, self‐evaluation, self‐critique, objectivity, understanding and empathy for new viewpoints, clear questioning and analysis: it helps us reach our maximum potential as “rational souls” (SAQ, 151). It also improves our social environment by fostering mental habits that encourage more thoughtful dialogue and action. [Abstract taken from conference program.]


Preface: A Restatement of the Obvious
Part I: The Bahá’í Writings and Philosophy
Part II: The Foundations of Environmentalism in the Bahá’í Writings
Part III: How Philosophy Improves Our “Inward Life”
Part IV: Conclusion

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