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Presentations at the first Summer Seminar on the history of the Bahá'í Faith in North Carolina, organized by Steven Kolins, sponsored by the Spiritual Assembly of the Baháʼís of Orange County NC, Aug 3-5 2018, at the Efland Bahá'í Center.
Note Steven is working on an updated edition. 10 "papers" (presentations) given at the Seminar: The "main" work is a 39 page review of the Faith in North Carolina from 1850 to 1970. This "paper" was adapted in 5 individual presentations, 4 of them in stand-alone forms. There was an additional review of newspaper references to Bábí history from 1845 and summary introduction to the individual presentations. In addition to these there was a presentation by Charles Uzzel on Review and Care of Assembly or Personal Archives, and two live presentations on declarations stories. One by Glenn and Isabela Pierce and the other by Faika McNally, aka Quanta Dawnlight, aka Faika Hanim.

History of the Baha'i Faith in North Carolina, 1845-1970:
Presentations from the First Summer Seminar

edited by Steven Kolins.

1. Links

2. Announcements of the Seminar

3. Introduction to the seminar, newspapers as a source of history on the Faith from the Bábí Era through 1970
by Steven Kolins

4. PDFs of presentations
by Steven Kolins

Depending heavily on collections of newspapers in some cities of North Carolina with Bahá'í News, Bahá'í World, and related periodicals that have been gathered over the last several years over at Bahaipedia, this is a synthesis of those disparate works with supplemental material as cited. Most of the pictures are free online but a selection of pictures of the Sadgwar family are courtesy of the Cape Fear Museum of History and Science, Wilmington, NC. Content was slightly amended based on the experience of the seminar. There are some 350 direct citations mostly accessible online and with Bahaipedia articles the total approaches 2400 as of early August, 2018.

5. PDF of presentation
by Charles Uzzel Kolins

6. Glenn and Isabel Pierce on joining the Bahá'í Faith (audio)

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