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Transformation of Global Society

by Ervin Laszlo

“In recent decades the world has entered a phase of evolution from an industrial society to an information society interconnected at the global level. The challenges that these changes require to the humankind are enormous and we are not yet ready to face them. There is no alternative: either we work to create a peaceful and cooperative global society, or we will put in danger the human stability on Earth.”

Though not a Baha’i, Laszlo praises the Baha’i Writings and quotes Shoghi Effendi’s comment about humanity's coming of age. Notes that world’s present institutions are not up to the challenges of the world’s repeated crises. He predicts the mass movement of populations in the near future. Humanity must prepare for great changes.

These audio files are posted at, Imported from cassette and converted to MP3 by Anton Medvedev, 2009. Also at
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