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TAGS: Apocalypse; Interfaith dialogue; Islam; Quran; Unity; Violence
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Quranic themes inform much of the Bahá'í proclamation. One theme is unity: there is one god, one humanity, and one religion. Another is the importance of Revelation through God's recurring messengers, and Apocalypse as but the dawn of a new message.
Presented at the "Communities of the Qur'an: Modern and Classical Interpretations of Islamic Scripture" conference (March 10-11 2016), Rice University, Houston.

The Bahá'í Reception of the Qur'an

by Todd Lawson

About the Conference: The Communities of the Qur’an conference brought together eminent scholars and practitioners of various Islamic traditions to discuss and deliberate each traditions' respective interpretations of Qur'anic verses. It comes in the wake of increased sectarian violence in the Middle East, renewed military intervention in the region and a rise in Islamophobia. This conference-–the first of its kind-– placed rich, diverse and at times opposing interpretations of the Qur’an, in direct conversation with one another. (Description taken from youtube.)

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