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Short bio of a poet and playwright who wrote a social drama Bab ed-Din (1903), dedicated to the life and teachings of The Bab — a play she considered "her most significant dramatic work" — and its sequel Bekha-Ulla (1912).

Grinévskaia, Izabélla Arkád'evna

by A. Gracheva

edited by Marina Ledkovsky
published in Dictionary of Russian Women Writters, pages 232-234
Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, 1994

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The first reference work in any language devoted to Russian women writers, this dictionary systematically covers, in detail, the lives of 448 women who wrote from the period of Catherine the Great to the present. Despite their significant achievements, women writers are generally missing from the canons of Russian literature. The present editorial team individually began the process of uncovering this lost literary heritage over ten years ago. More recently, they joined forces with and enlisted contributions from scholars in North America, Europe, and Russia. Each entry comprises a bio-critical sketch followed by lists of important writings in the original and in translation, archival sources, and major secondary references. Data has been researched worldwide, with biographical information culled from diaries, memoirs, and other primary sources as well as literary histories and reference works. A general bibliography supplements the secondary sources provided with each entry. (Blurb from GoogleBooks.

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