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Summaries of talks by Horace Holley, Allen McDaniel, Paul Haney, Peter Kahn, Mr. Taylor, May Maxwell, Florence Lorol Schopflocher, Curtis Kelsey, Leroy Ioas, Bishop Brown, Philip Sprague, Doris McKay, et al.

Notes from the 1933 Convention

by Lottie Lindfoot

List of names in order of appearance in
document; ** = unable to identify further:
Mr. Horace Holley
Mr. Allen Boyer McDaniel
Mr. Titchener of West Englewood **
Mrs. Margery Haney
Dr. Peter Kahn
Mr. Allen B. McDaniel
Mr. John Joseph Early
Mr. Taylor of Cincinnati **
May (Boles) Maxwell
Mr. Curtis Kelsey
Mrs. Jean Silver of New York **
Mrs. Loulie A. Mathews
Dr. Morris of Racine **
Mrs. Ella G. Cooper
Mr. Arthur C. Ioas
Mr. Dale S. Cole
Mr. George O. Latimer
Miss Easterbrook **
Mr. Bishop Brown
Mr. Philip Sprague
Mr. Roy C. Wilhelm
Mrs. Doris McKay
Mr. Leroy Ioas
Archbishop Barrows
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