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1896 (In the year) ʻIshqábád was one of the first places (possibly the first) in which 'Abdu'l-Bahá gave instructions for the setting up of an elected Bahá'í assembly. This was done in 1313 A.H. (1895-6) and was called at first the Spiritual Board of Counsel (Mahfil-i Shawra Rawhani) and later the Spiritual Assembly (Mahfil-i Rawhani). THE BAHA'I COMMUNITY OF ASHKHABAD; ITS SOCIAL BASIS AND IMPORTANCE IN BAHA'I HISTORY by Moojan Momen pg287; Note 11] ʻIshqabad Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1925 (During the year) National Spiritual Assemblies were formed in the Caucasus and in Turkistan about this time. Because these Assemblies were not chosen by the election of the members of the local spiritual assemblies or by representatives of the Bahá'í population as is the current practice, they should be considered as preliminary Assemblies. [BW24p44]
  • They were disbanded in 1938 due to government pressure. [Bahaipedia]
  • ʻIshqabad; Turkistan; Baku; Caucasus National Spiritual Assembly, formation
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