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1985. 28 or 31 Aug Mr Rahmatu'lláh Vujdani, a 57 year old teacher, was executed by firing squad in Bandar 'Abbas. He was an elected member of the Local Spiritual Assembly. [] Bandar Abbas; Iran Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Deaths; Persecution
2013. 24 Aug Mr. Ataollah Rezvani, a well-known Bahá'í in the city of Bandar Abbas disappeared and the next day the Criminal Investigation Office of that city informed the family that his body had been found in his car outside the city. The report of the forensic physician determined the cause of death to be "a hard trauma on the brain tissues, due to being hit with some penetrating object, such as (a bullet)" and ruled it as a suicide. Strong evidence exists to indicate that it was not. [Archives of Bahá'í Persecution in Iran]

It is of note that a few years before his murder, the Friday prayer Imam had incited the local population against the Bahá'ís, referring to them as un-Islamic. He further called on the people of the city to rise up against the Bahá'í community. [BWNS987; BWNS1031; Message from the Universal House of Justice 27 August 2013; Iran Press Watch 27 August 2013; Iran Press Watch 9306; Iran Press Watch 16 September 2013]

The assassins were never identified. The murder was not reported in the Iranian newspapers and did not raise any protest except among prisoners of conscience at Rejaee prison who condemned the assassination in a statement and demanded justice. [Iran Press Watch 1 September 2013; 175YP266-267]

Bandar Abbas; Iran Ataollah Rezvani; Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Deaths; Persecution; BWNS
2015. 15 Nov The arrest and disappearance of Navid Aqdasi, a cousin of 'Ata'ollah Rezvani who was murdered on the 24th of August, 2013. Mr Aqdasi had been demanding justice for his cousin. [175YP322n3] Bandar Abbas; Iran Ataollah Rezvani; Persecution, Iran; Navid Aqdasi
2021. 26 Apr It was reported that the murder case of Ata'u'llah Rezvani, a Bahá'í citizen of Bandar Abbas, had been referred to Branch 6 of the Bandar Abbas Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor's Office for retrial, eight years after the incident took place. This case had been removed from the archives of the Bandar Abbas court for investigation after years of sabotage and judicial procrastination. [Iran Press Watch] Bandar Abbas; Iran Ataullah Rezvani; Persecution, Iran

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