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1950. 20 - 26 Aug Bahiyyih and Harry Ford were the guest teachers at the Bahá'í Conference held in Banff and she spoke on the Covenant. Harry's talk dealt with teaching methods. [CBN No 16 November 1950 p3-4] Banff, AB Summer School; Bahiyyih Ford; Harry Ford
1951. 26 Aug - 2 Sep The Prairie Regional Teaching Conference was held at the Holliday House in Banff. They continued to use this venue until 1967 when the summer school were held at what become to be the Sylvan Lake Baha'i Centre. [CBN No19 April 1951 p13] Banff, AB Summer School
1951. 27 - 31 Aug More than 30 people attended the Banff Conference which was held at Holliday House Mrs. Helen Bishop, of Portland, presented a masterly course on The Book of Certitude, Mr. Bob Donnelly, of Regina, gave some very enlightening information of pioneering, substantiated by carefully prepared maps and diagrams. The children presented "A Child Shall Lead Them", under the guidance of Lulu Barr, of Regina. The Calgary believers were responsible for the daily devotions, and several plays, written by Alan Fraser of West Vancouver, were produced in an impromptu manner. The public meeting, held on the 31st of August, at which Helen Bishop was the speaker, attracted a number of local residents, one cf whom asked the Bahá'ís to hold a monthly fireside in his home. [CBN No 22 Oct 1951 p4] Banff, AB Teaching Conference; Helen Bishop; Bob Donnelly; Lulu Barr; Alan Fraser
1954. 29 Aug - 5 Sep A summer school was held at the Banff School of Fine Arts attracting 41 adults and 12 children. Speakers were Florence Mayberry, who spoke on "Spiritual Dynamics", Ron Nablo, Rex King, (who had just recently pioneered to Anchorage. [CBN No 58 November, 1954 p4] Banff, AB Summer School; Florence Mayberry; Ron Nablo; Rex King
1956. 2 - 8 Sep The Western Canada Bahá'î Summer Conference was held at the School of Fine Arts in Banff. The course material dealt with Bahá'í Administration, The Covenant, and Living the Bahá'í Life. CBN No 78 July 1956 p4]
  • Presenters were: Katherine Moscrop and Ted Anderson spoke on the Covenant and Bahá'í Administration. Joyce Noble and W R Maclean spoke on "Deepening the Spiritual Life". Katherine Hamilton and Joyce Noble gave a wonderful description of their pilgrimage to Haifa. [CBN No 81 October 1956 p5]
  • Banff, AB Banff Summer School; Katherine Moscrop; Ted Anderson; Joyce Noble; W R Maclean; Katherine Hamilton
    1962 May The Western Canada Bahá'í School was held at the Banff School of Fine Arts from August 12 – 19. It cost a dollar a day to register and room and meals cost $5.00 to $7.00 per day. Mrs. Betty Putters in Sherwood Park was in charge of registration. (May 1962. Summer Schools. U. S. Supplement. Baha'i News) Banff, AB Betty Putters; Summer School
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