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1969 4 – 6 Apr The first National Youth Conference of Australia opened at Bolton Place summer School. [BW15:329]
  • For picture see BW15:328.
  • Bolton Place; Australia Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Youth; Conferences, National; Conferences, First
    1975 2 – 4 Jan The first annual meeting of the Association for Bahá'í Studies is held at Cedar Glen, Bolton, Ontario. [BW17:198]
  • See also BBD201–2; VV23–5.
  • Bolton; Ontario; Canada Conferences, Bahai studies; Bahai Studies, Associations for; Association for Bahai Studies (North America)

    from the Chronology Canada

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    1976. 31 Dec - 1 Jan The second annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Studies took place at Cedar Glen, in Bolton, and was attended by some 100 Bahá'ís from all the provinces and a few from the United States.

    Three original papers this year were presented by Dr. William Hatcher, Mr. Douglas Martin and Dr. John Hatcher. Two students, Heida Lakshman and John Taylor also presented papers.

    The Ottawa company, based in Ottawa, Le Ballet Shayda presented their original piece entitled Journey. [BC Issue 300 February 1977 p6]

    Bolton, ON Bahai Studies, Associations for; Ballet Shayda; William Hatcher; Douglas Martin; John Hatcher; Heida Lakshman; John Taylor
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