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1954 (April) A mere eight months after settling in British Cameroons, Enoch Olinga, along with the community of new believers at his pioneering post received a cable from Shoghi Effendi asking for African believers to settle in British Togoland, French Togoland, the Ashanti Protectorate and in the Northern Territories Protectorate before the following Ridván.

Although Bahá'ís for only a few months, their response was instantaneous; the largest difficulty arose in limiting themselves to the four names required to fulfill the designated posts. This was determined by a vote. David Tanyi, Edward Tabe, Benedict Eballa, and Martin Manga were duly selected. Samuel Nyki was sent to French Cameroon. Each one established a Local Spiritual Assembly in their assigned posts within two years. [A Brief Account of the Progress of the Bahá'í Faith in Africa Since 1953 by Nancy Oloro-Robarts and Selam Ahderom p4; KoB71]

Cameroon; British Togoland; French Togoland; Ashanti Protectorate; Northern Territories Protectorate Pioneering; David Tanyi; Edward Tabe; Benedict Eballa; Martin Manga; Samuel Nyki
1954 Apr Edward Tabe, a youth from Cameroon, no older than fourteen, and Albert Buapiah from the Gold Coast arrived in British Togoland and were named Knights of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:450; KoB78-79; BWNS249] British Togoland (Ghana); Ghana Knights of Bahaullah; Edward Tabe; Albert Buapiah
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