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1926. 28 Oct One again Louise Gregory embarked from Boston to Liverpool on the SS Winifredian of the Leyland Line where she arrived on the 28th of October. After spending some time in Liverpool and York she stayed for a while in Bruessels and then went to Graz in Austria where she reconnected with the active Bahá'í group there. Her next stop was Vienna and then on to her destination, Budapest.

In the spring of 1927 she went to Sofia, Bulgaria.where Martha Root had visited for 12 days in February.

In June of 1927 Louise returned to New York in the United States from Boulongne-sur-Mer, France. During this trip she had visited Liverpool, York and London in England, Brussels in Belgium, Graz and Vienna in Austria, Budapest, Hungary and Sofia in Bulgaria. [SYH140-145, 240]

Liverpool; United Kingdom; Brussels; Belgium; Graz; Austria; Vienna; Austria; Budapest; Hungary; Sofia; Bulgaria Louise Gregory; Teaching
1948 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Belgium was established in Brussels. [BW11p727] Brussels; Belgium Local Spiritual Assembly
1949 5 – 7 Aug The second European Teaching Conference was held in Brussels. [BW11:52] Brussels; Belgium; Europe Conferences, Teaching; Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, International; Conferences
1957 Ridván The Regional Spiritual Assembly of the Benelux Countries was formed with its seat in Brussels, Belgium. [BW13:274]
  • Its area of jurisdiction was Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • Brussels; Belgium; Netherlands; Luxembourg; Benelux National Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1964 - 1965 A Bahá’í Publishing Trust for the provision of literature in the French language was established in Brussels. [Riḍván 1965] Brussels; Belgium Publishing Trusts
    1968 (In the year) A Bahá’í Publishing Trust, Maison d ’Edition, for the publication of Bahá’í literature in the French language, was formed at Brussels by the Belgian National Assembly, thus accomplishing a major goal of the Nine Year Plan. [BW14p95] Brussels; Belgium Publishing Trusts
    1992. 28 Jul The passing of Léa Nys (b. 27 December 1910 in Brussels). She was the first to accept the Faith in Belgium and she served on the first National Spiritual Assembly from 1962 to 1965 and so participated in the election of the first Universal House of Justice. In addition, she served on the Auxiliary Board and represented the Bahá’í International Community at UN conferences. Léa Nys travelled extensively to teach the Cause. [BW In Memoriam p5-8] Brussels; Belgium In Memoriam
    2007 12 Oct The opening of a new office of the Bahá'í International Community in Brussels. The purpose was to strengthen the BIC's ties with the European Union. [BWNS581] Brussels; Belgium Bahai International Community; BWNS
    2009 17 Feb The European Union expressed their concerns that, after being held for so long without due process, the Yaran would not receive a fair trial. The EU therefore requested the Islamic Republic of Iran to allow independent observation of the judicial proceedings and to reconsider the charges brought against these individuals. [Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the trial with seven Bahá'í leaders in Iran ] Brussels European Union; Yaran; persecution, Iran
    2019. 18 Jun About 8,000 people attended the European Development Days conference in Brussels. It was co-organized by World Vision International, ACT Alliance, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Brot für die Welt, EU-CORD Network, and the Bahá'í International Community. The Bahá'í International Community moderated one of the EDD panel discussions called What's religion got to do with it?
  • The panel discussion can be heard on SoundCloud.
  • Brussels; Belgium Bahai International Community; Conference
    2020. 2 Mar The Bahá'í International Community-Brussels hosted a conference entitled A Vision for A Society of the Future? A Brainstorming Session on AI. [YouTube; BIC website]
  • See Uplifting Words for a brief report on the brainstorming session.
  • Brussels; Belgium Bahai International Community
    2020. 22 Apr The Brussels Office of the Bahá'í International Community launched a quarterly newsletter to share more widely insights emerging from its efforts to contribute to contemporary discourses in Europe. [BWNS1424; BIC Newsletter]
  • Click here to subscribe.
  • Brussels; Belgium Bahai International Community; Newsletter
    2022. 14 Feb The statement The Oneness of Humanity—Implications for the Africa-European Union Partnership was jointly prepared by the Addis Ababa and Brussels Offices of the BIC on the occasion of the 6th African Union (AU)-European Union (EU) Summit held in Brussels.

    Solomon Belay of the Addis Ababa Office stated: “The summit offered an opportunity to present EU leaders with key insights emerging from the many conversations of the BIC with government officials, policy makers, faith leaders, and civil society organizations about a range of themes being explored by the BIC in recent years, including global governance, migration, climate change, agriculture, and food security. We will be offering the same perspectives to AU leaders.”

    Rachel Bayani of the Brussels Office explained that reshaping international structures and relationships according to the principle of humanity’s oneness is a challenging task that will require effort over generations. “The statement offers a few practical suggestions for moving toward this goal. First is for careful consideration to be given to the impact of European policies on all segments of society in Africa, Europe, and across the world". [BWNS1594]

  • The statement.
  • Brussels, Belgium Bahai International Community; Solomon Belay; Rachel Bayani; BIC statements

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