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2003 22 Aug The passing of Ruth Yancey Pringle in Ciudad, Costa Rica at the age of 83 after 5 decades of service to the Faith, 2 decades as on the Continental Board of Counsellors.
  • The Universal House of Justice praised her as an "intrepid champion" of the Faith of God. [BWNS250, BW'03-‘04pg236]
  • She went pioneering before being accepted into the Faith. The Chicago Assembly was preoccupied with the organization of the Intercontinental Conference and didn't have a chance to process her application for membership. Because she was so close to the Faith she was allowed to attend the conference and she departed for her pioneer post immediately after. She received her membership card after arriving at her pioneer goal in Puerto Rico. [from a talk by Hooper Dunbar 26:05]
  • Ciudad Colon; Costa Rica Ruth Pringle; Counsellors; In Memoriam; Births and deaths; BWNS

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