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1956 Aug The Ontario Summer School was held during the long holiday weekends. The first two were held in Dundas and the last two in Forest. sessions. At Forest on Labour Day weekend Nancy Campbell spoke on "Meditation and the Law of Love" and Charles Grindley on "The Science of Teaching". [CBN No 81 October 1956 p2] Dundas, ON; Forest, ON; Ontario Summer School; Nancy Campbell; Charles Grindley
1958 Oct Based on previous experience of a proclamation to Christian clergy in Hamilton and consultation with Winston Evans at the Summer School, the Promulgation Committee launched a proclamation directed to both clerics and the layman. Packages were sent to Christians in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Saltfleet, Burlington, Dundas, Campbellville, Ancaster, Georgetown, London, St. Thomas, Ingersoll and Forest. The pamphlet "The Reality of the Return of Christ" was included in all packages with the Catholic priests receiving a copy of the tablet that Bahá'u'lláh addressed to Pope Pius IX and the Protestant clergy were sent the pamphlet "The Lord of the New Age". About 1,400 to 1,500 were sent. Advertisements were placed in the local newspapers announcing that the clergy had received this material and that a speaker would be coming soon to speak about the theme, "Christ and Bahá'u'lláh". The only negative reaction reported was from the town of Forest where the Faith was denounced from the pulpit. [CBN No 107 December 1958 p2; UC80-81]
  • Note that Shoghi Effendi had encouraged such a proclamation in the British community. UD379 refers.
  • Niagara Falls, ON; St. Catharines ON; Saltfleet, ON; Burlington, ON; Dundas, ON; Campbellville, ON; Ancaster, ON; Georgetown, ON; London, ON; St. Thomas, ON; Ingersoll, ON; Forest, ON Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign
    1958 Oct The first Spiritual Assembly was formed in Dundas, Ontario. [UC83] Dundas, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1958. 9 Nov A Promulgation follow-up conference was held in Dundas with approximately 40 Bahá'ís in attendance. A campaign was planned to keep the promulgation issue alive in the area. [CBN No 108 January 1959 p5; UC84] Dundas, ON Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign
    2018. 28 Sep The passing of Aghdas Javid (b. 16 July 1924 in Hamadan, Iran) in Dundas. She was born a third generation Bahá'í; her grandfather became a Bahá'í in Hamadan in the 19th century when a large number of Jewish Persians became Bahá'ís. [Find a grave]

    She and her husband, Dr Mirza Javid, had been residents in the Hamilton area since 1968 when he was employed by the public health department. Prior to that they had lived in Montreal where they had settled when they first arrived in Canada in 1966. Aghdas was famous in the Hamilton area for her Friday night firesides which she held faithfully, sometimes attracting as many as 80 attendees.

    In 2001, she was chosen to be among a group of Canadian Baha'is — part of 4,500 from around the world — to travel to Israel to witness the opening of a kilometre-long series of garden terraces surrounding the Bahá'í temple on Mount Carmel. [Bahá'í Canada Vol 14 Issue 3]

    Every year she would hold a tea to which she invited local dignitaries. [Bahá'í Canada Vol 16 Issue 1 May 2003 p31]

    She had been predeceased by her husband in in 1999. She left children Sussan, Ladan and Jasmine, four granddaughters, one grandson, one great-grandson and family in Iran, England, Germany and Brazil. [Hamilton Spectator; Dignity Memorial]

    Hamilton, ON; Dundas ON Aghdas Javid

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    1. Mehrangiz Afnan (1937-2018), in Lights of Irfan, 20 (2019). Afnan was an Iranian Bahá'í and medical doctor who settled in Canada where she and her husband, Muhammad Afnan, established an Institute for Bahá’í Studies in Persian; the couple worked in the Bahá'í Research Department in Haifa for a number of years. [about]
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