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2007 Aug-Sep In memory of Amatu'l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum and because the Native people had such a special place in her heart and that of the Guardian, Violette and 'Ali Nakhjanání travelled throughout North America during the months of August and September visiting aboriginal believers. They visited Vancouver, Anchorage, Juneau before going to South Dakota, Montana, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia where they spoke with 450 African-American believers. They visited the temple in Wilmette and then the Eskasoni First Nation in Nova Scotia.
  • The primary purpose of their visit was to meet with and encourage the aboriginal believers and to remind the of their responsibility and high destiny in the Faith. [CBN Vol 20 No 3 Winter 2007/2008 p23-25]
  • First Nations; Vancouver; Anchorage; Juneau; Canada; South Dakota; Montana; Arizona; Atlanta; Wilmette; United States Violette Nakhjavani; Ali Nakhjavani; Teaching; Indigenous people; Native Americans

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    1958. Mar Allan Prairie Chicken (Otakkoyiisaapo'p) was the first Backfoot to declare his faith on the Pikuni First Nations (Peigan Reserve) in March, 1958. [] Pikuni First Nations Allan Prairie Chicken; Otakkoyiisaapop
    1989. 22 Aug The passing of Sam Bald Eagle Augustine, (Sam Gitpu), (b. Big Cove, New Brunswick on November 3, 1923) a member of the Mi'Kmaq First Nations.

    While enduring a lengthy illness he made a series of recordings called "Talks from the Heart"which he hoped would spread the Message of Baha'u'llah, not only to other Native people, but to the world. []

  • Some of his talks from, Bahá'í Talks from the Hearts can be heard at Welcome Bahá'í MP3.
  • MiKmaq First Nations; Big Cove, NB Sam Bald Eagle Augustine; In Memoriam; Sam Gitpu
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