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1965. Early Sep Ron and Edna Nablo and family opened the locality of Lucerne, QC. This area was later known as Aylmer and still later became Gatineau. The city of Gatineau was formed in 2002 following the amalgamation of the municipalities of Aylmer, Buckingham, Gatineau, Hull and Masson-Angers. [CBN Issue 189 October 1965 p2]

Don and Diana Dainty moved to Lucerne in June of 1967 [email from Catherine Carry dated 28 May 2020]

Lucerne, QC; Gatineau, QC Ron Nablo; Edna Nablo; Outaouais Cluster; Don Dainty; Diana Dainty
1974. Ridván The formation of the Local Spiritual Assembly of Aylmer, QC. The inaugural members were: Rick and Margo Blake, Linda O'Neil and John Dickie, Belinda and David Erickson, Jane Ginsberg, Pyer Vaillancours, and Michael McKenny. [from an email from David Erickson dated 28 and 29 May 2022; [from an email 4 November 2022 from National Archivist Ailsa Hedly Leftwich] iiiii Aylmer, QC; Gatineau, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Rick Blake; Margo Blake; Linda ONeil; John Dickie; Belinda Erickson; David Erickson; Jane Ginsberg; Pyer Vaillancours; Michael McKenny; Outaouais Cluster
1975. 22 Sep The formation of the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Gatineau, QC. The founding members were: Pierre Dagenais (Chairman), Jack McLean (Vice Chairman), Helen Michelin (Secretary), Richard Gordon (Treasurer), Brigitte McLean, Renée Dagenais, Nahid Gordon, Tony Panalaks, and Kamal Toeg. [from an email from to Jack McLean (A121577) 11 July 2022] iiiii Gatineau, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Outaouais Cluster; Jack McLean; Helen Michelin; Pierre Dagenais; Richard D. Gordon; Brigitte McLean; Tony Panalaks; Renée Dagenais; Nahid Gordon; Kamal Toeg; Outaouais Cluster
1992. Dec The formation of the Ottawa Regional Baha'í Choir. It traces its roots to the mass choir that was created to perform at the Bahá'í World Congress in New York City in November of 1992. Three Ottawa Baha'is were in that choir, and they brought back with them a body of specially commissioned choral arrangements for Baha'i sacred music. They were joined by several others, eager to sing this "new music" that they had seen performed at the Congress. Over the next few years, other choir members attended choral workshops in Green Acre Baha'i School and elsewhere, further expanding the Ottawa choir's repertoire.

Members of the Ottawa Regional Bahá'í Choir have always come from both sides of the Ottawa river, from Gatineau, QC. They have been Bahá'ís and their friends, with different levels of singing experience. There are no auditions for the choir and those new to singing are encouraged to learn as they go. The membership generally has fluctuated between 10 and 16, but has been as large as 24 and is currently 20 members strong. Over the lifetime of the choir, as about 200 members have participated, choir direction has changed hands, often rotating between members. [Ottawa Community News 28 September 2017]

Ottawa, ON; Gatineau, QC Ottawa Regional Bahai Choir
2002 Ridván Four newly-amalgamated communities began a new stage of community life at Ridván. The Spiritual Assemblies of Montreal, Gatineau, Longueuil, and Quebec City were elected for the first time from among believers who lived in 27 former communities. The largest of these communities, Montreal, had more than 600 believers as a result of the merging of 17 communities. [BC Vol 15 No 2 June 2002 p25] Montreal, QC; Gatineau, QC; Longueuil, QC; Quebec City, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, election
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