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1946 (In the year) Between 1946 and 1951, Johanne Sorensen (later Hoeg), the first Danish Bahá'í, sent letters and Bahá'í literature to 93 towns, villages, settlements, and radio stations throughout Greenland.
  • Hendrik Olsen, the first Bahá'í indigenous to Greenland, enrolled in 1965 after receiving a Bahá'í book from Miss Sorensen in 1946 and maintaining a 17-year correspondence with her.
  • Greenland Johanne Sorensen; Hendrik Olsen
    1951 (In the year) Palle Benemann Bischoff, the first to become a Bahá'í in Denmark, settled in Aasiaat, and became the first Bahá'í to live in Greenland. [MC22]
  • He was best known for being the first person to teach the Greenlanders to ski and for having organized the first ski competition in West Greenland.
  • Greenland Palle Benemann Bischoff
    1965 15 Jul Hendrik Olsen, the first indigenous Greenlander to become a Bahá'í, enrolled. Greenland Hendrik Olsen; First Bahais by country or area
    1979 17 Apr The first local spiritual assembly in Greenland was formed in Nuuk (Godthåb) the capital city. Members of the Assembly were: Lillen Bente Delevran, James Milne, Henning Jensen, Carsten Lind, Else Boesen Jensen, Lotos Nielsen, John Berthelsen Lyberth, Ole Berthelsen, and Linda Milne. [BN No 585 December 1979 p15] Nuuk; Greenland Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1992 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Greenland was formed with was seat in Nuuk. About 35 to 40 people attended the inaugural Convention. [BINS270:3; BW92–3:119; VV121, CBN Jan92 p2] Nuuk; Greenland National Spiritual Assembly, formation

    from the Chronology Canada

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    1948 Ridván The newly formed National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Canada launched a Five Year Plan (1948-1953). [Ruhi 8.2 p46]
  • The objective was to expand the Faith into Newfoundland and Greenland. [BBRSM158] Note: Newfoundland (then called Newfoundland and Labradour) did not join Confederation until the 31st of March 1949.

    Should the fire of the love of God be kindled in Greenland, all the ice of that country will be melted, and its cold weather become temperate—that is, if the hearts be touched with the heat of the love of God, that territory will become a divine rose garden and a heavenly paradise, and the souls, even as fruitful trees, will acquire the utmost freshness and beauty. Effort, the utmost effort, is required. Should you display an effort, so that the fragrances of God may be diffused among the Eskimos, its effect will be very great and far-reaching. [TDP28]

  • Greenland; Newfoundland Teaching Plans
    1950. April (Near end) After much discussion involving Dagmar Dole, Edna True and the European Teaching Committee, the local assembly of Copenhagen as well as the national spiritual assemblies of the United States and Canada as well as Shoghi Effendi, it was agreed that American Pioneer and violinist Nancy Gates would be transferred from Denmark, where she had been for three years, to the Canadian overseas goal in Greenland. [Citizens of the World: A History and Sociology of the Bahá'ís from a Globalisation Perspective by Margit Warburg p203]
  • While travelling back to the US to get a visa she attended the Canadian National Convention for one day. [CBN 13 May 1950 p11]
  • Denmark; Greenland Pioneer; Nancy Gates
    1950. Sep It was reported that Mr E Blair Fuller was appointed as Canada's first pioneer to Greenland and that he was on his way to take up his post. [CBN15 Septmeber 1950] Greenland Pioneer; Blair Fuller
    1951. 6 Jun Palle B. Bischoff, Canada's Greenland pioneer from Copenhagen, arrived in Egedesminde where he took up his duties as manager of a fishing station. [CBN No 21 August 1951 p2; CBN No 23 November 1951 p5]
      Should in Greenland the fire of the love of God be ignited, all the ices of that continent will be melted and its frigid climate will be changed into a temperate climate-that is, if the hearts will obtain the heat of the love of God, that country and continent will become a divine garden and a lordly orchard, and the souls, like unto the fruitful trees, will obtain the utmost freshness and delicacy. Magnanimity is necessary, heavenly exertion is called for.
    Egedesminde, Greenland Pioneer; Palle Bischoff

    from the Main Catalogue

    1. Greenland Promise, The, by Harry Liedtke (2012). Commentary on the misunderstood prediction of Abdu'l-Bahá that Greenland would one day become green again. [about]
    2. Maps of the regions of North America, by Ralph Stockman Tarr and Frank Morton McMurry, in Complete World Geography (1912). Maps of the five regions of North America as published in an American geography book in 1912 and known to have been read by 'Abdu'l-Bahá in Haifa/'Akka while writing Tablets of the Divine Plan. [about]
    3. Ridván 1996 (Four Year Plan) - To the Followers of Bahá'u'lláh in North America: Alaska, Canada, Greenland and the United States: Bahá'í Era 153, by Universal House of Justice (1996). Country-specific portion of the annual message to the Bahá'ís of the world: North America. [about]
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