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1942 Ridván Canada's sixth and seventh spiritual assemblies formed in Halifax, NS, Hamilton, ON. [OBCC177] Halifax, NS; Winnipeg, MB; Hamilton, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1943. 18 Jun The passing of Mabel Rice-Wray Ives (Rizwanea) (b. in St. Louis, MI in 1878) in Oklahoma, OK. She was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery. [BW9p616]

She first heard of the Faith at the age of 21 in 1899 under miraculous circumstances. [Mabel Ives & The Mysterious Trolley Car Ride]

In 1903 she married Theron Canfield Rice-Wray and they lived in California from 1909 to 1914 where her marriage ended and she returned to the East. In 1919 she met Howard Colby Ives and they married in 1920. They teamed with another couple, Grace and Harlan Ober as well as Doris and Willard McKay in both business and the teaching work, moving from one virgin territory to another.

See the story of how Mabel resolved the situation when she could no longer tolerate the itinerate lifestyle in the story When Mable Ives Could Endure No More, She Prayed .

In 1937, the suggestion was made that Moncton, New Brunswick would be a fertile ground for the Cause. The Ives went. During the first six weeks of her stay, Mrs. Ives gave public lectures, radio addresses and formed a study class. She introduced the Faith to St. John, N.B., Halifax, N.S. and Charlottetown, P. E. I. Her untiring efforts, led to Moncton, NB forming the first Spiritual Assembly in the Canadian Maritimes, April 21st, 1937.

In spite of Howard's failing health, they travelled to Toronto in November of 1938 for ten months to assist in the formation of Toronto's first Spiritual Assembly. Rizwanea served on that new Spiritual Assembly until she left Canada. She gave more than 150 lectures in Toronto and 70 in Hamilton, Ontario, Toronto's expansion goal. Howard, although experiencing heart problems and rapidly losing both his sight and hearing complemented her abilities by doing personal deepening with receptive souls downstairs, while she would be presenting the Teachings upstairs.

See the tribute paid to her in the Canadian Bahá'í News No 202 November 1966 p4.

Moncton, NB; Halifax, NS; Charlottetown, PE; Toronto, ON; Hamilton, ON Mabel Rice-Wray Ives; In Memoriam
1959 Mar Fred Graham was asked to preside over a name-giving ceremony for Michelle Jamál Bowie, daughter of Carol and David Bowie of Niagara Falls who had been born in December, 1958. [UC88]

Mrs Audrey Rayne presided at the name-giving ceremony for the two children of Mr and Mrs K Ross in Halifax. [CBN No 110 March 1959 p3]

Niagara Falls, ON; Halifax, NS Naming ceremony; Fred Graham; Carol Bowie; David Bowie; Michelle Bowie; Audrey Rayne; K Ross
1959 (Late summer) Douglas and Elizabeth Martin travelled to the Maritimes to introduce the Promulgation Campaign. The Bahá'ís of Halifax, Charlottetown and Saint John participated in the project and over 2,000 letters were sent out from these three centres during the first week of September. Winston Evans, from Nashville, once again participated as a speaker at the meetings. [CBN No 117 October 1959 p4; UC96] Halifax, NS; Charlottetown, PE; Saint John, NB Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign; Douglas Martin; Elizabeth Martin
1969. 24 Nov The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Halifax achieved incorporation status. The members were: Shirley MacDonald, Ruth McClung, John Edmonds, Joyce Edmonds, Fran Maclean, A. Russell McClung, Sarah Lynk, Keye Walford and Audrey Rayne. [BN July 1970 p 9] Halifax, NS Local Spiritual Assembly; incorporation; Shirley MacDonald; Ruth McClung; John Edmonds; Joyce Edmonds; Fran Maclean; A. Russell McClung; Sarah Lynk; Keye Walford; Audrey Rayne
1970 (Early Oct) Hand of the Cause of God Enoch Olinga arrived in Halifax. The next day he gave an address at the Cherry Brook High School. [CBN244Nov1970p1] Halifax, NS Hands of the Cause; Enoch Olinga
1979. 28 - 30 Dec In June of this year the executive office of the Canadian Association for Studies on the Bahá'í Faith moved to Ottawa. After consultation on the message to Canada from the Universal House of Justice which stated to ‘‘... further develop the Canadian Association for Studies on the Bahá'í Faith'', the executive committee decided to lower membership rates to encourage wider membership. It was also decided to renew memberships each Naw-Ruz.

Four regional conferences were held in this, the 4th year of the Association for Bahá'í Studies, in Halifax, Toronto, Saskatoon and Vancouver, all on the same dates. [BC Vol 2 No 3 July/August 1979 p9]

Halifax, NS; Toronto, ON; Saskatoon, SK; Vancouver, BC Bahai Studies, Associations for
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