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1955 Feb The first fireside was held in Hull, Quebec at the home of one of the friends of the Faith. Bert Rakovsky of Westmount was the speaker. [CBN No 63 April, 1955 p2] Hull, QC Bert Rakovsky; Outaouais Cluster
1965 Summer Winnifred Harvey opened the locality of Hull, QC. She moved from Eastview, ON (later Vanier and still later part of the Ottawa community). She immediately immersed herself in an intensive study of French. Hull was a major target in the development of French Canadian teaching. Hull, QC; Eastview, ON; Vanier, ON Winnifred Harvey; Outaouais Cluster
1970. Ridván The formation of the first Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Hull. In announcing the formation, Mr M. E. Muttart, General Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly stated:
    "We feel that it is of particular interest because the majority of the members are French speaking. Following 'Abdu'l-Bahá's exhortation to teach the French-speaking people of Canada our great hope has been to arrive at a more equitable representation from the two main language groups of this country."
  • The members were: Marjorie Merrick, Paul Hanbury, Winnifred Harvey, Lucille Leboeuf, Daniel Caillaud, Danielle Coinon, Paule Médori, Michel Larin and Janet Braithwaite. [CBN Issue 242? July 1970 p 9; [from an email 4 November 2022 from National Archivist Ailsa Hedly Leftwich]
  • Hull, QC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Marjorie Merrick; Paul Hanbury; Winnifred Harvey; Lucille Leboeuf; Daniel Caillaud; Danielle Coinon; Paule Medori; Michel Larin; Janet Braithwaite; Outaouais Cluster
    1974 1 Feb The passing of Daoud Toeg (b. Baghdad, Iraq in 1897) in Hull, Quebec (now Gatineau).
  • After he had learned of the Faith he enrolled eight other persons before writing the Guardian with his own declaration.
  • He pioneered to Italy in the 1930s for about a year and a half.
  • In 1954 he was appointed Auxiliary Board Member for Iraq, on the first Auxiliary Board for Asia. He served for sixteen years.
  • He supervised the construction of the Hazíratu'l-Quds in Baghdad and was helpful in securing a Temple site.
  • Mr. Toeg served the Guardian by conveying artifacts and Huqúqu'lláh payments from Persia to the Holy Land at a time when there was no direct communications.
  • He served as a representative of the Huqúqu'lláh for the believers in Iraq.
  • He was instrumental in locating and photographing the caves of Sar-Galú in Sulaymáníyyih, Kurdistán where Bahá'u'lláh lived for two years while in retreat.
  • He, his wife Latifa, and their sons pioneered to Kirkuk during the Ten Year Crusade but after seven years were asked to return to Baghdad to assist with the work there.
  • The family left Iraq in 1970 and settled in Hull where they helped to establish the first Local Spiritual Assembly. [BW16p527-528, Bahá'í World 16, Grave; CBN No 277 March 1974 p11]
  • Hull, QC; Baghdad; Sulaymaniyyih; Kurdistan; Iraq Daoud Toeg; In Memoriam; Auxiliary Board Members
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