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1926 7 Apr Eight or perhaps as many as twelve Bahá'ís were beaten to death in Jahrum, Fárs, Iran. [BW18:388, SETPE1p128, GBF36, UD49-53]
  • It was first reported that 12 Bahá'ís were killed. [PP98]
  • For the response of Shoghi Effendi see BA104–6, 106–8; GBF36–7; PP98–9; and UD48–53.
  • See messages from Shoghi Effendi on the crisis in Uncompiled Published Letters Shoghi Effendi # 94, 95, 96, and 98.
  • For Western accounts and responses see BBR465–72.
  • "The attacks were apparently instigated by a majlis representative who sought to gain favour with anti-Bahá'í religious leaders in order to secure reelection. The Bahá'ís complained to the local and national authorities to obtain redress but were denied. This was the last incident of mass killing of Bahá'ís during Reza Shah's reign." [Religious Contentions in Modern Iran,1881-1941 pg 229-230 by Mina Yazdani]
  • Jahrum; Fars; Iran Persecution, Iran; Persecution, Deaths; Persecution
    1926 12 Jul (Or 16 Jul) The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Canada made representations to the Iranian government concerning the martyrdoms in Jahrum and asking the Sháh to intervene on behalf of the oppressed Bahá'ís. They included in their submission a list of all the places in North America were Bahá'ís resided. [BBR469; BW2:287]
  • For text of the petition see BW2:287–300.
  • On the 31st of July the submission that had been reprinted in booklet form was sent to some 300 newspapers. Copies were also sent to the local spiritual assemblies with instructions to deliver them to all Bahá'ís and friends of the Faith. [BN No 12 June - July 1926 p1]
  • United States; Jahrum; Iran National Spiritual Assembly; Petitions; Persecution, Iran; Persecution; Human rights

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