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1939 18 Sep John and Rosa Shaw arrived in Kingston, Jamaica, from San Francisco, the first Bahá’ís to visit the country. Kingston; Jamaica First travel teachers and pioneers
1942 (In the year) Dr Malcolm King, a Jamaican who had become a Bahá'í in the United States, introduced the Faith to his homeland. [SDSCp425 note 2]
  • He held meetings at 190 Orange Street in Kingston. By 1943, the people he had taught founded a spiritual assembly in Kingston. [The Gleaner]
  • Jamaica First Bahais by country or area
    1942 26 Oct Marion Lord Maxwell (‘Miss Mac’) became a Bahá’í, the first Jamaican to accept the Faith. [BW17:429]
  • For the story of her life see BW17:429–30.
  • Jamaica Marion Lord Maxwell
    1943 (In the year) The first Local Spiritual Assembly was formed in Jamaica. [BWNS233] Jamaica Local Spiritual Assembly; BWNS
    1957 Ridván The Regional Spiritual Assembly of the Greater Antilles was formed with its seat in Kingston, Jamaica The Assembly was disbanded in 1961 when individual National Assemblies were formed for the constituent countries.. [BW13:257]
  • The countries involved: Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic [BN No 312 p7]
  • Kingston; Jamaica National Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1961 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Jamaica was formed. Since 1957 they had come under the jurisdiction of the Regional Spiritual Assembly of the Greater Antilles. [BW13:258]
  • Elected Randolph Fitz-Henley, William A. W. Mitchell, Alfred Senior, Clarence Ullrich, Alice Maud Gallier, Percival Aiken, Emily Taylor, Margarite Ullrich and Ruby Taylor. [The Gleaner]
  • Jamaica National Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1971 21 – 23 May The Oceanic Conference of the Caribbean was held in Kingston, Jamaica. [BW15:218, 319–20; VV5–6]
  • For pictures see BW15:304–8 and VV6.
  • Kingston; Jamaica Oceanic Conference; Conference
    1972 The first Summer School of Jamaica was held. [BW15:218] Jamaica First summer and winter schools
    1976 Jan Bahá’ís in Jamaica initiated a weekly 15-minute radio programme. [BW16:186] Jamaica Radio

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