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1953 Sep Kathleen Weston arrived in the Magdalen Islands and was named a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:453] Magdalen Islands Knights of Bahaullah; Islands
1954 Apr Kay Zinky arrived in the Magdalen Islands and was named a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:453] Magdalen Islands Knights of Bahaullah; Islands

from the Chronology Canada

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1953. 22 Sep Kathleen Weston MacLeod moved from her pioneering post in Charlottetown to the Magdalene Islands. She was followed by her husband Ernest. Although she was qualified as a nurse she was unable to work at the Catholic hospital and so took a job as a temporary replacement for the teacher in an English school. The local minister launched a rumour campaign against her and so she called a meeting of the parents of her school to reveal that she was a Bahá'í and to explain the tenants of the Faith. They expressed their overwhelming support for her in oppositions to the minister's efforts to have her teacher's permit revoked and to have her leave the Island.

Because she was not able to find employment she departed on the 22nd of December and was replaced by Kay Zinky in February 1954. She was an American from Colorado Spring, Colorado, whose husband, a non-Bahá'í, supported her during her stay of one year, until February 1954. Margaret and Larry Rowdon with their daughter Ayn arrived in the summer of 1954. They stayed until 1969. During this time the rest of their children, Leslie, Ruth, Devin, Karen and Bret were born. [CBN No 49 Feb 1954 p2; CBN No 54Jul 1954 p2] [CBN Vol 18 No 1 May 2005 p24-26; HB25; BW13:453; KoB278-280]

The first person to declare on the Magdalens was Carole Bates, originally from Nova Scotia. [HB116]

Magdalen Islands, QC Kathleen Weston; Knights of Bahaullah; Kay Zinky; Margaret Rowdon; Larry Rowdon; Ayn Rowdon; Carole Bates; Ernest MacLeod
1955. Sep (or earlier) Canadian Bahá'í News No 68 Sep 1955 p3 reported that Margaret and Larry Rowdon and family arrived in the Magdalen Islands and settled in Grindstone. Grindstone,Magdalen Islands Larry Rowdon; Margaret Rowdon; Magdalen Islands
1987. 31 Dec The passing of Bill Waugh (b. 18 March 1904 Verdun, QC). He was buried in the Cap-aux-Meules cemetery.

Bill was well-known in Quebec and the Maritimes for his ten years of service at the Laurentian Bahá'í School at Beaulac, Quebec, his travel teaching in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and his wholehearted participation in regional activities when the Magdalens were a part of the Prince Edward Island teaching region.

He served Bahá'í communities across Canada from Saanich, B.C., Beloeil, Quebec, and lastly to the Magdalen Islands where Bill, his wife Percilla and daughter Barbara pioneered for the last fifteen years of his life. [BC Vol 10 No 1 March 1988 p15]

Magdalen Islands, QC; Verdun, QC In Memoriam; Bill Waugh; Laurentian Bahai School
1994. (In the year) The publication of Hidden Bounties: Memories of Pioneering on the Magdalen Archipelago by Larry Rowdon. It was published by Nine Pines Publishing in Manotick, ON.
    Larry Rowdon was born in St Catherines, ON in 1923. He was educated in Canada and abroad, serving with the Canadian Armed Forces and gravely wounded in the Normandy landings in 1944. He became a Bahá'í in 1951 while living in Kingston, ON, then later with his wife Margaret and their year-old daughter Ayn, pioneered (1954-1969 to the Magdalen Islands. This is the story of the early part of their lives, living and raising a family on this archipelago. [CBN No 24 December 1951 p3; CBN No 68 Sep 1955 p3]
  • See a book review by Will C. van den Hoonaard.
Magdalen Islands, QC Larry Rowdon; Margaret Rowdon; Ayn Rowdon; Hidden Bounties; Nine Pines Publishing
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