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1911 10 Mar 'Abdu'l-Bahá sent Lua Getsinger and Dr Ameen Farid to California where they spoke to some 5,000 people delivering lectures on "Bahá'í Reformation" or referring to it in the course of lectures on other subjects. She spent two weeks visiting friends in Chicago and then departed for California on the 10th of March. [LGHC123]
  • Among the groups contacted were the Scottish Rite Masons, the Knights Templar, the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, some literary clubs, a Unitarian congregation in Almeda, a large group of Japanese, the "World's Spiritual Congress", the Church of the Golden Rule, the Auxiliary of the Juvenile Court, with Persian, Turkish, Egyptian and Jewish ladies, the Federation of Women's club, the faculty members of the University of California and of Stanford University, the crew of the battleship S.S. California, and prisoners in San Quentin. They also went to Tijuana, Mexico, where a civil war was in progress, and where she served as a volunteer nurse for the Red Cross while Dr Fareed served as surgeon to the wounded. [LDNW25; SBBH1p126; SoW Vol 2 No 13 p6-7; SoW Vol 2 No 14 p13-14; SoW Vol 2 No 16 p12-13]
  • Dr Fareed met President Taft at a luncheon of the Union League Club, and also at the dedication of the ground for the 1915 Panama Exposition. He had an opportunity for a few minutes to speak privately to the President when, as a Bahá'í, he congratulated him upon his efforts for Arbitration Treaties and promotion of Peace between nations. Thus the President was informed of the goal of the Bahá'í Movement, and its sympathy with all efforts far the Unity and Peace of the world. [SoW Vol 2 No 14 p13]
  • Some time before the end of 1911 Dr. Fareed returned to Egypt. See the same reference for a report from Ella Goodall Cooper on the progress of the teaching work in California. [SoW Vol 2 No 16 p12-13]
  • Some of Lua's talks were:
    • December 17th, 1911 at the California Club Hall in San Francisco. [LGHC358]
    • January 6th, 1912 at the Bellevue Hotel in San Francisco. [LGHC373]
    • January 16th, 1912 at the Bellevue Hotel in San Francisco. [LGHC375]
  • Lua Getsinger travelled to Chicago to meet Him and to attend the dedication of the land for the Temple. 'Abdu'l-Bahá asked her to participate in the ground-breaking ceremony by turning over a shovelful of earth. [LDNW26-27] iiiii
  • California; United States; Tijuana; Mexico; San Quentin Lua Getsinger; Travel teaching; Ameen Fareed (Amin Farid); Abdul-Baha in Egypt
    1938 Apr The first local spiritual assembly in the whole of Latin America was formed in Mexico City. [;Wikipedia] Mexico City Local Spiritual Assembly
    1943 23 May Melba M. King (née Call) became a Bahá'í in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the first full-blooded Eskimo, a Yup'ik, to accept the Faith. [BW18:687–8] Albuquerque; New Mexico Melba M King
    1957 Ridván The Regional Spiritual Assembly of Mexico and the Republics of Central America was formed at Panama City, Panama. [BW13:257]
  • The countries involved were: Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico.
  • Mexico; Panama; Costa Rica; Nicaragua; Honduras; El Salvador; Guatemala National Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1961 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Mexico was formed. Those elected were: Mrs. Florence Mayberry, Samuel Burafato, Dr. Edris Rice-Wray, Sra. Carmen de Burafato, Mrs. Chappie Angulo, Earl Morris, Mrs. Anna Howard, Mrs. Valeria Nichols, and Harold Murray. [BW13:258]
  • For picture see BW13:266.
  • Mexico National Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1971 4 Aug The first Bahá'í College Club of Latin America was formed at the University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico. [BW15:215] Puebla; Mexico Universities
    1973 (In the year) The first International Youth Conference of Mexico took place in Puebla City, was attended by 200 youth from five countries. [BW15:343] Puebla; Mexico Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Youth; Youth; First conferences; North America
    1975 19 Jun - 2 Jul Two* Bahá'í women represented the Bahá'í International Community at the first World Conference on Women in Mexico City. It was the first international conference held by the United Nations to focus solely on women's issues and marked a turning point in policy directives. Nine Bahá'ís represented the Bahá'í International Community at the parallel NGO Tribune. Those attending were: Dorothy Nelson*; Jane Faily, Sheila Banání, Edris Rice-Wray, Carmen Burafato, Catherine Mboya, Shirin Fozdar*, Jyoti Munsiff, Elsie Austin and Shomais Afnán.
  • The purpose of the Conference was to give shape to a Ten-Year Plan of Action to promote equality between men and women in member nations by stressing better education and increased participation of women in decision-making in order to bring the neglected resources of women into the struggle for development and peace. [CBN No 287 Aug/Sep 1975 p16; Wikipedia; United Nations - Conferences]
  • The Bahá'í International Community issued a statement entitled International Women's Year.
  • See UN Women.
  • Mexico City; Mexico Bahai International Community; Conference; Womens Conference; Dorothy Nelson; Jane Faily; Sheila Banani; Edris Rice-Wray; Carmen Burafato; Catherine Mboya; Shirin Fozdar; Jyoti Munsiff; Elsie Austin; Shomais Afnan; BIC statements </i>"></i>
    1977 4 – 6 Feb An International Teaching Conference was held in Mérida, Mexico, attended by more than 2,000 Bahá'ís. [BW17:81; VV33]
  • For the message of the Universal House of Justice see BW17:139.
  • Three Hands of the Cause were present – Paul Haney, Rahmatu'lláh Muhájir, and Enoch Olinga, as well as Counsellor Florence Mayberry who had been on the first national assembly of Mexico.
  • For pictures see BW17:112, 126–7.
  • VV33 says this was 2–6 Feb.
  • Merida; Mexico; Latin America Conferences, Bahai; Conferences, Teaching; Conferences, International; Teaching
    1988 18 Dec H. Borrah Kavelin, (b. 18 March, 1906, Russia), former member of the first House of Justice, passed away in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was buried in Fairview Memorial Park in Albuquerque. [VV97]
  • A biography.
  • Find a grave
  • Albuquerque; New Mexico; United States H. Borrah Kavelin; Universal House of Justice, Members of; Births and deaths; In Memoriam
    2009 10 – 11 Jan Regional Conferences were held in Toronto, Canada and Guadalajara, Mexico. [BWNS687] Toronto; Canada; Guadalajara; Mexico Conferences, Regional; BWNS

    from the Chronology Canada

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    1980. 20 Feb The passing of Rosemary Sala (b. Mary Gillies Glasgow, Scotland 1906) at her pioneer post in Guadalajara, Mexico. She was a member of the Montreal Youth Group in the early years of the Faith and a member of the first National Spiritual Assembly of Canada as well as the Regional Assembly of South and West Africa. She and her husband Emeric pioneered to South Africa, Venezuela and Mexico and travelled throughout America, China, India and Europe. [TG211; Bahá'ís of Canada; BW18 p713]
  • See her essay Beyond the Fog inWorld Order Vol2 Issue 2 p458-461.
  • Her biography and that of her husband Emeric, Tending the Garden was written by her niece Ilona Sal Weinstein. This publication is also available in the e-book format.
  • Guadalajara; Mexico In Memoriam
    1990. 5 Sep The passing of Emeric Sala (Emereich Szalvetz ) (b.12 November, 1906 in Havas Dombrovitza, Hungary (later Romania)). He was buried in Royal Oak Burial Park Cemetery in Victoria, BC. [Find a grave]

    He was a founding member of the Montreal Youth Group along with Rowland Estal and George Spendlove, the first organized youth class in the Western Hemisphere. From that youth group came a Hand of the Cause of God, a member of the Universal House of Justice, two members of the Continental Board of Counsellors, three members of National Spiritual Assemblies, and the authors of three Bahá'í books.

    He and Siegfried Schopflocher were instrumental in purchasing and developing the first Canadian Bahá'í property at Beaulac, north of Montreal.

    In 1940 he and his wife Rosemary pioneered for one year to Venezuela and served as travelling teachers throughout South America.

    In 1945 he published This Earth One Country. He wrote about such revolutionary concepts as a "planetary economy", "a supranational community" and a "world plan". [TG86-92]

    Both he and Rosemary were elected to the National Spiritual Assembly of Canada when it was formed in 1948.

    In 1953 they tried to pioneer to the Comoro Islands but could not get residential status from the French government so they settled in Eshowe Zululand, now South Africa. When the government would not renew their licence to trade they moved to Port Elizabeth.

    They returned to Canada briefly in 1963 and pioneered to Guadalajara, Mexico and travelled extensively throughout Central America. Rosemary died at her post in February of 1980.

    In 1980 he married his second wife, Donya, and together they travelled through the Americas, China, India and Europe until they both passed. [BW20 p993-995; Bahá'ís of Canada]

    His biography and that of his wife Rosemary, Tending the Garden was written by his niece Ilona Sal Weinstein. This publication is also available in the e-book format.

    Victoria,BC; Montreal, QC; Beaulac, QC; Eshowe; South Africa; Port Elizabeth; South Africa; Guadalajara; Mexico Emeric Sala; In Memoriam

    from the Main Catalogue

    1. Indigenous Messengers of God, by Christopher Buck and Kevin Locke (2014-2020). 68 essays on Native American theology and history from the perspective of Bahá'í teachings. [about]
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