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1937 (Fall) Mabel Rice-Wray Ives (1878-1943) was the first Bahá'í to initiate a systematic teaching campaign starting in the Fall of 1937 in Moncton, NB. She was assisted by Rosemary Sala of St. Lambert. [TG102, 108; OBCC153] Moncton, NB Mabel Rice-Wray Ives; Teaching; Rosemary Sala
1938 Ridván The third, fourth and fifth local assemblies formed in Moncton, NB, Lambert, QC and Toronto, ON. The Moncton Assembly did not reform in 1940 nor in 1941. The Lambert Assembly did not re-form in 1941 and 1944. [OBCC177] Moncton, NB; Lambert, QC; Toronto, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1943. 18 Jun The passing of Mabel Rice-Wray Ives (Rizwanea) (b. in St. Louis, MI in 1878) in Oklahoma, OK. She was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery. [BW9p616]

She first heard of the Faith at the age of 21 in 1899 under miraculous circumstances. [Mabel Ives & The Mysterious Trolley Car Ride]

In 1903 she married Theron Canfield Rice-Wray and they lived in California from 1909 to 1914 where her marriage ended and she returned to the East. In 1919 she met Howard Colby Ives and they married in 1920. They teamed with another couple, Grace and Harlan Ober as well as Doris and Willard McKay in both business and the teaching work, moving from one virgin territory to another.

See the story of how Mabel resolved the situation when she could no longer tolerate the itinerate lifestyle in the story When Mable Ives Could Endure No More, She Prayed .

In 1937, the suggestion was made that Moncton, New Brunswick would be a fertile ground for the Cause. The Ives went. During the first six weeks of her stay, Mrs. Ives gave public lectures, radio addresses and formed a study class. She introduced the Faith to St. John, N.B., Halifax, N.S. and Charlottetown, P. E. I. Her untiring efforts, led to Moncton, NB forming the first Spiritual Assembly in the Canadian Maritimes, April 21st, 1937.

In spite of Howard's failing health, they travelled to Toronto in November of 1938 for ten months to assist in the formation of Toronto's first Spiritual Assembly. Rizwanea served on that new Spiritual Assembly until she left Canada. She gave more than 150 lectures in Toronto and 70 in Hamilton, Ontario, Toronto's expansion goal. Howard, although experiencing heart problems and rapidly losing both his sight and hearing complemented her abilities by doing personal deepening with receptive souls downstairs, while she would be presenting the Teachings upstairs.

See the tribute paid to her in the Canadian Bahá'í News No 202 November 1966 p4.

Moncton, NB; Halifax, NS; Charlottetown, PE; Toronto, ON; Hamilton, ON Mabel Rice-Wray Ives; In Memoriam
1952. 25 - 29 Apr The fifth National Convention was held in the Brunswick Hotel in Moncton, NB. Sixteen delegates and twenty-five observers were in attendance. Those elected to the National Spiritual Assembly were: Lloyd Gardener John Robarts, Emeric Sala, Rowland Estall, Laura Davis, Freddy Schopflocher, Rosemary Sala, Winnifred Harvey, and Ross Woodman. [CBN No 28 April 1952 p6; Bahá'í News No 258, August 1952 p10] Moncton, NB National Convention
1953. 17 May Following his attendance at the Intercontinental Conference in Wilmette Hand of the Cause Furutan made a tour of Canada with an interpreter, Mr M Anvar. They visited several communities in Western Canada and attended the Feast of Grandeur in Edmonton. [CBN No 41 June, 1953 p3]
  • Visits were also made to Winnipeg,London, Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston and others. [CBN No 42 July, 1954 p5]
  • The tour concluded in the Maritimes with visits to Moncton and lastly Saint John. [CBN No 43 August, 1953 p2]
  • Winnipeg, MB; Edmonton, AB; Ottawa, ON; London, ON; Kingston, ON; Moncton, NB; Saint John, NB Hands of the Cause; Ali Akbar Furutan
    1954. 21 Apr Bruce Matthew came to Canada in 1951 from Scotland via Hertfordshire and moved to Toronto in 1953 where he encountered the Faith after responding to a newspaper in The Toronto Star. The advertisement was for a talk by Laura Davis at a public meeting at the Bahá'í Centre. Willing to go "anywhere" he was asked to move to Goose Bay, NF and arrived on the 21st of April, 1954, the deadline established by Shoghi Effendi for being named a Knight of Bahá'u'lláh by Shoghi Effendi. Bruce has an interesting story of his miraculous healing just prior to his boarding the plane for Goose Bay. [KoB270-271]
  • During the time he spent there, from April 1954 to January 1956, Bruce worked at the hospital and later as a court reporter for the United States Air Force until his job was phased out.
  • In consultation with the Goals Committee, Bruce pioneered to Charlottetown, PE, then St. John's, NF, and Windsor, ON. The Goals Committee then suggested that Bruce go to Moncton, NB, and he finally settled in the community of Alliston, ON, north of Toronto. [CBN Vol4 Issue 2 Jun 1991 p11; KoB271; BW13p453]
  • Goose Bay, NF; Charlottetown, PE; St John; s, NF; Windsor, ON; Moncton, NB Bruce Matthew; Knight of Bahaullah
    1958. 6 Feb Hand of the Cause John Robarts arrived in Canada to begin his extensive tour of Canada. He had been sent to Canada by the Hands in the Holy Land because the Guardian had been concerned about the slow progress in the objectives of the 10-year plan in Canada The first stop was in Moncton where a three-day conference was held with Mr. Robarts. [CBN No 98 March, 1958 p2]
  • He had made a stop in Iceland en route to Gander where he met with Bruce Matthew and Bill Howell. [CBN No 99 April 1958 p7]
  • He shared with the friends his pioneering experience in Africa, the meeting of the Hands in London and in the Holy Land after the passing of the Guardian as well of the dedication of the Temple in Kampala that he attended just prior to his departure for Canada.
  • Mr. Robarts focused on the revitalization of the believers and constantly emphasized the power of prayer in beseeching assistance in winning the goals with special emphasis on the Prayer for Canada, the Tablet of Ahmad and the Long Obligatory Prayer. [CBN No 126 July 1960 p4]
  • He spent several weeks visiting communities in Quebec and Ontario, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa and others. [CBN No99 April, 1958 p7]
  • In Saskatoon he performed the marriage of Ericka Janzen and Tom Gossen. [CBN No 100 May, 1958 p3]
  • Moncton, NB; Montreal, QC; Toronto, ON; Hamilton, ON; London, ON; Ottawa, ON John Robarts; Ericka Janzen; Tom Gossen
    1967. 11 Dec The Bahá'í Campus Club was inaugurated at the University of New Brunswick. Moncton, NB Bahai associations; Universities
    1992. 11 Nov The passing of Doris McKay (b. Doris Henrietta Hill 29 September, 1894) in Charlottetown.
  • She married Willard Judd McKay 30 June 1923. In 1925 she and Willard attended a fireside given by Howard and Mabel Ives. In 1929 she made her fist travel teaching trip to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Boston, Portsmouth and to Montreal. She was a frequent lecturer at Green Acre. In 1939 she returned to Canada to staff the Bahá'í booth at the Canadian National Exhibition and to visit communities in Hamilton, Montreal and Moncton where she took up residence in 1942. In the fall of 1943 they moved to Prince Edward Island to help win a goal of the Seven Year Plan by establishing a local spiritual assembly in Charlottetown.
  • In 1928 while still a resident in the US and a member of the Outline Bureau of the National Teaching Committee she developed "36 Lessons", some of the first deepening materials and study outlines for the American believers. She was a contributor to the Star of the West and later The Bahá'í World.
  • Her autobiography Fire in Many Hearts, written with Paul Vreeland, was published in 1991 by Nine Pines Publishing and was republished by George Ronald under a new title Fires in Many Hearts - Memoirs of an early American believer. [BWIM30-32]
  • Charlottetown, PE; Montreal, QC; Moncton, NB; Hamilton, ON; Toronto, ON In Memoriam; Doris McKay; Fire in Many Hearts
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