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1912 20 Sep Talk at Home of Mr. Albert L. Hall, 2030 Queen Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota. [PUP325]
  • Talk at Home of Dr. and Mrs. Clement Woolson, 870 Laurel Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota. [PUP329]
    • For more information on Clement Woolson see his Find a grave eulogy.
  • `Abdu'l-Bahá left Minneapolis for Omaha, Nebraska, arriving the same night. [239D:20]
  • AB279 says this was 21 September.
  • Omaha; Nebraska; Minneapolis; Minnesota; United States Abdul-Baha, Travels of; Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour; Abdul-Baha, Talks at homes
    1912 21 Sep `Abdu'l-Bahá visited Omaha, left at midnight and arrived three hours later in Lincoln, Nebraska. [239D:151]

    News reached Àbdu'l-Bahá of the impending conflict in the Balkan Peninsula. [Àbdu'l-Bahá in America

    Omaha; Lincoln; Nebraska Abdul-Baha, Travels of; Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour
    1912. 22 Sep While passing through Lincoln, Nebraska 'Abdu'l-Bahá's intention was to return the visit of William and Mary Bryan who had met Him in Akka in 1906. Upon telephoning they learned that Mr Bryan was not at home but Mrs Bryan invited Him to their home for tea. (Mr Bryan was on a campaign tour for the future president, Woodrow Wilson. Bryan later become his Secretary of State.) [MD281; 239D152; ABW74; SoG221] iiiii Lincoln; Nebraska William Jennings Bryan; Mary Elizabeth Baird; Abdul-Baha, Travels of; Abdul-Baha, Second Western tour
    1987. 15 Feb The passing of Eleanor Hollibaugh (b. 17 February 1897 in Hastings, Nebraska) in Montraux, Switzerland. She was a pioneer to La Paz, Bolivia but when she had to return for reasons of health, she settled in Reno, Nevada. At the end of World War II the European Teaching Committee asked her to join fellow American Dagmar Dole in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1949 they asked her to move to the Netherlands and in 1958, again at their request, she moved to France where she remained until 1960 when the Committee requested that she go to Switzerland. [BW20p868-871] Find a Grave. Hastings; Nebraska; Montreux; Switzerland; La Paz; Bolivia; Reno; Nevada; Amsterdam; Netherlands; Copenhagen; Denmark; Nancy; Dijon; France In Memoriam; Eleanor Hollibaugh

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