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1950. Lloyd and Helen Gardner left their home in North York for a travel teaching trip in Western Canada. They cover 7,100 miles and were gone for more than five weeks. [CBN 16 November 1950 p5] North York, ON Travel teaching; Helen Gardner; Lloyd Gardner
1952 (In the year) A spiritual assembly was formed in North York, the 19th to form. [CBN No. 46 November, 1953 p2] North York, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1958 Apr The Canadian Bahá'í News reported that as of this date 10 Local Assemblies had been incorporated in Canada. They were: Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Scarborough, Toronto, North York Vancouver Vernon, and Winnipeg. [CBN No 99 April 1958 p3] Edmonton, AB; Hamilton, ON; Montreal, QC; Ottawa, ON; Scarborough, ON; Toronto, ON; North York, ON; Vancouver, BC; Vernon, BC; Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
1958. 26 Apr Hand of the Cause John Robarts dedicated the site of the first Mashriqu'l-Adhkar in Canada. In doing so he paid tribute to Hand of the Cause Siegfried Schopflocher. Among his many services to the Cause he left funds to purchase this property. He had been named "The Chief Temple Builder" by the Guardian because of his devotion to the completing of the Mother Temple of the West. [CBN No 101 June, 1958 p1-2]
  • The site was located in North York Township on Cummer Avenue, east of Bayview. This property was later sold for nine times the purchase price in order to buy the large property on Leslie Street in Thornhill in 1968. [UC78]
  • For a photo of those attending this event see [CBN No 107 December 1958 p3]
  • North York, ON Mashriqul-Adhkar; John Robarts; Siegfried Schopflocher
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