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1921 (In the year) The birth of Eduardo Duarte Vieira, the first African Bahá'í martyr, was born in Portuguese Guinea. Portuguese Guinea (Guinea Bissau); Guinea Bissau Eduardo Duarte Vieira; Births and deaths
1953 9 Sep José (d. 1985) and Hilda (née Summers) Xavier Rodrigues, a Portuguese-English couple, arrived in Bissau from Portugal as the first Bahá’í pioneers to Portuguese Guinea (Guinea Bissau) and were named Knights of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:455] Bissau; Portuguese Guinea (Guinea Bissau); Guinea Bissau Knights of Bahaullah
1964 Ridván The existing National Spiritual Assembly of North West Africa that had been formed in 1956 was split into two regions, the "new" North West Africa region and the Spiritual Assembly of West Africa with its seat in Monrovia.

This latter assembly, Spiritual Assembly of West Africa, had jurisdiction over the following countries: Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Gambia, Senegal, Portuguese Guinea, Cape Verde Islands, Ivory Coast; Mali, and Upper Volta. (Cape Verde Islands?) [BW14p96; BN No 393 Dec 1964 p2 ]

Monrovia; Liberia; Sierra Leone; Guinea; Gambia; Senegal; Portuguese Guinea; Cape Verde Islands; Ivory Coast; Mali; Upper Volta National Spiritual Assembly, formation
1966 11 Mar Eduardo Duarte Vieira was arrested in Portuguese Guinea on a charge of subversive political activity following a period of increasing pressure and harassment instigated by the clergy. He had been detained, maltreated and brutally beaten on several occasions since becoming a Bahá’í. [BW14:390] Portuguese Guinea (Guinea Bissau); Guinea Bissau Eduardo Duarte Vieira; Persecution, Guinea Bissau; Persecution, Arrests; Persecution
1966 31 Mar While in the custody of the Portuguese authorities Eduardo Duarte Vieira died in prison in Portuguese Guinea (Since 1974 Guinea Bissau) after twenty days of torture. He was named the first African martyr. [BW14:390, BW16:568; KoB47]
  • For his obituary see BW14:389–90.
  • For the messages to his wife and children he scratched on a biscuit box. See BW14:390–1.
  • See also [A Brief Account of the Progress of the Bahá'í Faith in Africa Since 1953 by Nancy Oloro-Robarts and Selam Ahderom p5-6]
  • Portuguese Guinea (Guinea Bissau); Guinea Bissau Eduardo Duarte Vieira; Persecution, Guinea Bissau; Persecution, Deaths; Persecution; Firsts, Other
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