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1939 (In the year) Emeric Sala gave a talk in Regina proclaiming the Faith for the first time in Saskatchewan. Regina is one of five cities he visited on this business trip. [TG104] Regina, SK Emeric Sala
1942. c. Summer A Winnipeg believer, Ernest Court, spent four months in Regina as part of Winnipeg's outreach program. He had frequent assistance from his home community. [BN 155 August 1942 p5] Regina, SK; Winnipeg, MB Ernest Court
1944 Ridván Canada's tenth and eleventh spiritual assemblies formed in Charlottetown, PE and Regina, SK. [OBCC178, 180] Charlottetown, PE; Regina, SK, Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
1953 Jun Hand of the Cause Siegfried Schopflocher made a tour of Western Canada to inform the friends of his trip to Haifa, his talks with the Guardian and his plans for the Ten Year Crusade. Stops were made in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton. [CBN No 43 August, 1953 p2] Winnipeg, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB Hands of the Cause, Activities; Siegfried Schopflocher; Travel teaching
1953 Oct Florence Mayberry of Santa Paula, California made a tour of Western Canada with stops in Victoria, Vernon, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Moose Jaw and Brandon. [CBN No 47 December, 1953 p4] Victoria, BC; Vernon, BC; Saskatoon, SK; Winnipeg, MB; Calgary, AB; Regina, SK; Moose Jaw, SK; Brandon, MB Florence Mayberry; travel teaching
1960 Mar Twenty-seven communities in seven provinces participated in the Promulgation Campaign. 12,000 ministers, priests and laypersons received the letter and the newspaper ads reached a total of one million readers. The results could be analyzed in three ways: the spirit of the believers; the response from the churches; and the immediate effect in the teaching work.
  • It was noted that in small communities where economic conditions were more difficult, the level of sacrifice appeared greater.
  • While the responses from the Christian communities was encouraging there was opposition from the pulpit in such places as Saskatoon, Regina, Saint John and Winnipeg. The Premier of Alberta, Ernest Manning, on two occasions, attacked the universal nature of the Cause on national network broadcasts. Other indications are that the awareness of the claims of the Faith is high among some groups and that it is a topic of their discussions.
  • There were some 300 promulgation meetings across Canada and over 50 persons wrote for literature in response to the advertisements.
  • It was realized that with a mass-education program that repetition was essential and so sustained local follow-up was necessary to maintain the momentum. [CBN No 122 March 1960 p4-5]
  • Saskatoon, SK; Regina, SK; Saint John, NB; Winnipeg, MB Proclamation I; Opposition; Promulgation Campaign
    1960 May The Promulgation Campaign moved into the fifth stage. The National Spiritual Assembly approved the participation of Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, York Township, Forest Hill, Montreal, Vancouver, Verdun, Westmount, St. Lambert, Ottawa, Eastview, Kingston, Victoria, Nanaimo, New Westminster, West Vancouver, Penticton and Vernon.
  • In Regina there were six declarations, in Saskatoon and Moose Jaw two. [CBN 123 April, 1960 p1]
  • Regina, SK; Moose Jaw, SK, Saskatoon, SK Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign
    1968 May The National Convention was held in Regina and was delayed by the fact that the members of the National Assembly were attending the International Convention in Haifa. Those elected to the National Spiritual Assembly were: Jameson Bond, Ronald Parsons, Douglas Martin, Michael Rochester, Donald Glen, Angus Cowan, Tom Anaquod, Rowland Estall, and Lloyd Gardner.
  • The delegates were asked to elect a replacement for Lloyd Gardiner. Due to his appointment to the newly-created North American Board of Councillors he was ineligible for membership on national or local administrative bodies. Ballots were sent to all delegates but the count was delayed by a mail strike. When the count was finally taken the result was a tied vote and the delegates were required to vote again, making their choice between the two people who received the equal number of votes. The deadline for the return of this second balloting was also delayed in order to allow time for those attending the Oceanic Conference in Palermo to return to their homes. The new deadline was set for September 17th and the results were made available shortly thereafter. [CBN No 222 August 1968 p8]
  • Regina, SK National Convention; National Spiritual Assembly, election of; Jameson Bond; Ronald Parsons; Douglas Martin; Michael Rochester; Donald Glen; Angus Cowan; Tom Anaquod; Rowland Estall; Lloyd Gardner
    1970. 12 Jan An animated presentation entitled "The Community of Baha'u'llah" made its initial presentation at the Art Centre in Ottawa. They had just come from their trial run in St. Lambert, Quebec and had a plan to visit Oshawa, Hamilton, Guelph, North Bay, Fort William (Thunder Bay), Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Kelowna, Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria before doing their final presentation in Toronto just before the National Convention.
  • The hosts for the presentation were: Al Houdek, Gerry Bourassa; Leslie Houdek, Sandra Kostaschuk, Garry Berteig; Larry Brown, and Valerie Berteig with Dick Stanton as the Tour Manager.
  • Travelling exhibit was intended as a vehicle to introduce the Message of Baha'u'llah. They utilized film, sound and slides, as well as traditional art forms. The plan was to have the local communities integrate interested person into the community after the team had made the initial contact. The eight member team made the three month trip in two vehicles, an Econoline van and a station wagon. [CBN No 236 January-February 1970 BE 126 p1]
  • The tour continued into the Maritimes for several more months with some changes in the team to include Gale Bundy, Fred Ward, and Bob Kingdon. The tour ended at Rochdale College in Toronto. [email exchange with Garry Berteig 4 January 2020] iiiii
  • St Lambert, QC; Ottawa, ON; Oshawa, ON; Hamilton, ON; Guelph, ON; North Bay, ON; Fort William, ON; Thunder Bay, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Brandon, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Edmonton, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Kelowna, BC; Vancouver, BC; Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Toronto, ON Proclamation; The Community of Bahaullah; Al Houdek; Gerry Bourrassa; Leslie Houdek; Sandra Kostaschuk; Gary Berteig; Garry Brown; Valerie Berteig; Dick Stanton; Fred Ward; Gale Bundy; Bob Kingdon
    2016. Jul The publication of A Love That Could Not Wait: The Remarkable Story of Knights of Bahá'u'lláh Catherine Heward Huxtable and Clifford Huxtable by Jack McLean. It was published by One Voice Press in Essex Maryland.
  • This is the remarkable story of the love, marriage and pioneering exploits of Cliff and Catherine Huxtable, Knights of Bahá'u'lláh to the Gulf Islands and pioneers to St Helena Island, a goal of the Ten Year Crusade.
  • The book is available in pdf and Word format on Jack's website.
  • Regina, SK; Salt Spring Island, BC; St Helena Island Jack McLean; Wes Huxtable; Catherine Heward; Catherine Huxtable; Knights of Bahaullah
    2018 Oct The publication of Man of the Trees: Richard St. Barbe Baker, the First Global Conservationist. by Paul Hanley. It was published by the University of Regina Press.
      Richard St. Barbe Baker was an inspirational visionary and pioneering environmentalist who is credited with saving and planting billions of trees. He saved lives, too, through his ceaseless global campaign to raise the alarm about deforestation and desertification and by finding effective, culturally sensitive ways for people to contribute to a more peaceful and greener world. He was also an Edwardian eccentric whose obsession with trees caused him to neglect his family; the devout son of an evangelical preacher who became a New Age hero; an unapologetic colonial officer fired for defending indigenous Africans; a forester who rarely had a steady income; a failed entrepreneur and inventor; a proud soldier and peace activist; a brilliant writer, speaker, and raconteur who made wild claims about the effectiveness of his conservation efforts. His encounters with historical figures like FDR, Nehru, and George Bernard Shaw are eye-popping, as were his accomplishments.
  • See BWNS1292.
  • See 9 June 1982.
  • Regina, SK Richard St. Barbe Baker; Man of the Trees; Paul Hanley
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