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1927. 27 Mar Martha Root left Shanghai for Hong Kong. At the end of May she sailed for Australia and New Zealand. During her stay in Hong Kong she made a trip to mainland China visiting Guangzhou and made another sortie to Saigon and Cambodia. [P35] Shanghai, China; Hong Kong; Saigon, Vietnam; Cambodia; Loas Martha Root
1954 Feb Shirin Fozdar arrived in Saigon, the first pioneer to Vietnam.
  • In June 1954, her daughter-in-law, Parvati Fozdar (wife of Jamshed Fozdar's) and their young son, Vilay, came to Saigon from the United States to help Ms. Shirin Fozdar. Jamshed Fozdar arrived on July 18, 1954. A month later. In August Ms. Shirin Fozdar returned to New Zealand. Mr. Jamshed Fozdar found employment and the family lived for a long time in a small apartment at 88 Le Loi Street (the old Bonard).
  • Pham Huu Chu was the first person to accept the Bahá'í Faith in Vietnam. [Bahá'í Religion in Community Education in Vietnam by Vu Van Chung]
  • Saigon; Vietnam Shirin Fozdar; pioneer
    1955 Ridván The first local spiritual assembly in Vietnam was formed at Saigon-Cholon (Cholon is the Chinese section of Saigon). [BN No 293 July 1955 p5; Bahá'í Religion in Community Education in Vietnam by Vu Van Chung]
  • This body was also the first local assembly to be formed in Indochina.
  • Saigon-Cholon; Vietnam Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1964 Ridván The National Spiritual Assembly of Vietnam was formed with its seat in Saigon and having jurisdiction over the Bahá'ís of Cambodia. [BW14p99]
  • By 8 October the National Assembly was incorporated. [Bahaipedia]
  • Saigon; Vietnam; Cambodia National Spiritual Assembly, formation

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