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1866. 1 Dec Birth Marion Jack, prominent Bahá'í travel teacher, pioneer and artist, known affectionately as ‘General jack' for her services to the Bahá'í community, in Saint John, New Brunswick.
  • LDG1:217 for information on her pioneer work.
  • Saint John, NB Marion Jack; General Jack
    1910 (In the year) Mr and Mrs Henry Stark Culver, Bahá'ís from New York City, settled in Saint John, NB where they actively taught the Faith and became the second Bahá'í group in Canada in the "teens". [BFA2p157]
  • See OBCC110-119 for information on the development of the Saint John community between 1910 and 1928.
  • Saint John, NB Henry Stark Culver; Mrs Stark Culver
    1920 (Summer) The arrival of well-known Bahá'í scholar and travel teacher Jináb-i-Fádil accompanied by Ahmad Sohrab. They travelled with Marion Jack and Martha Root and visited Saint John, NB, Montreal, QC, Gagetown, PE, Woodstock, NB, Brockville, ON, Toronto, ON, Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC. [SoW20Aug1920, OBCC193] Saint John, NB; Montreal, QC; Gagetown, PE; Woodstock, NB; Brockville, ON; Toronto, ON; Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC Mirza Asadullah Fadil-i-Mazandarani; Marion Jack; Martha Root; Ahmad Sohrab
    1953. 17 May Following his attendance at the Intercontinental Conference in Wilmette Hand of the Cause Furutan made a tour of Canada with an interpreter, Mr M Anvar. They visited several communities in Western Canada and attended the Feast of Grandeur in Edmonton. [CBN No 41 June, 1953 p3]
  • Visits were also made to Winnipeg,London, Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston and others. [CBN No 42 July, 1954 p5]
  • The tour concluded in the Maritimes with visits to Moncton and lastly Saint John. [CBN No 43 August, 1953 p2]
  • Winnipeg, MB; Edmonton, AB; Ottawa, ON; London, ON; Kingston, ON; Moncton, NB; Saint John, NB Hands of the Cause; Ali Akbar Furutan
    1955. 1 - 2 Jan Twenty-five Maritime believers met in Saint John for their annual winter conference. With them were the Robarts, Allan Raynor of Toronto, and Easter King Thompson from Calais, Me. Mr. Robarts gave a report on the New Delhi conference which he had attended as Canada's representative. [CBN No 48 January 1954 p4] Saint John, NB Maritime Winter Conference; John Robarts
    1959 (Late summer) Douglas and Elizabeth Martin travelled to the Maritimes to introduce the Promulgation Campaign. The Bahá'ís of Halifax, Charlottetown and Saint John participated in the project and over 2,000 letters were sent out from these three centres during the first week of September. Winston Evans, from Nashville, once again participated as a speaker at the meetings. [CBN No 117 October 1959 p4; UC96] Halifax, NS; Charlottetown, PE; Saint John, NB Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign; Douglas Martin; Elizabeth Martin
    1960 Mar Twenty-seven communities in seven provinces participated in the Promulgation Campaign. 12,000 ministers, priests and laypersons received the letter and the newspaper ads reached a total of one million readers. The results could be analyzed in three ways: the spirit of the believers; the response from the churches; and the immediate effect in the teaching work.
  • It was noted that in small communities where economic conditions were more difficult, the level of sacrifice appeared greater.
  • While the responses from the Christian communities was encouraging there was opposition from the pulpit in such places as Saskatoon, Regina, Saint John and Winnipeg. The Premier of Alberta, Ernest Manning, on two occasions, attacked the universal nature of the Cause on national network broadcasts. Other indications are that the awareness of the claims of the Faith is high among some groups and that it is a topic of their discussions.
  • There were some 300 promulgation meetings across Canada and over 50 persons wrote for literature in response to the advertisements.
  • It was realized that with a mass-education program that repetition was essential and so sustained local follow-up was necessary to maintain the momentum. [CBN No 122 March 1960 p4-5]
  • Saskatoon, SK; Regina, SK; Saint John, NB; Winnipeg, MB Proclamation I; Opposition; Promulgation Campaign
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