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1999 (in the year) Mona Foundation was founded in 1999. The Foundation supports grassroots educational initiatives that provide education to all children, increase opportunities for women and girls, and emphasize service to the community. The goal is to alleviate global poverty and support community led transformation such that no child ever goes to bed hungry, is lost to preventable diseases, or is deprived of the gift of education for lack of resources. The core belief is that the keys to alleviating poverty are universal education, gender equality, and community building.
  • The headquarters is located in Washington, DC with chapters in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and San Diego. There is a sister organization in Vancouver, Canada. [Website]
  • See Borgen Magazine for the Mona Foundation 20 years on.

    The following are the results of the foundation's work with partner organizations in 2020.

    • 2,286,575 students enrolled (in-class and online)
    • 3,145 teachers trained
    • 23,494 parents trained
    • 568 known service projects
    • 833 schools served
    • 3,246 known communities served (by schools or service projects)
    • 864,705 individuals impacted by the Mona Foundation outreach programs
  • Los Angeles; Seattle; Portland; San Diego; Vancouver Mona Foundation; Social and Economic Development Organizations

    from the Chronology Canada

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    1997 March The passing of Noel Wuttunee. Mr. Wuttunee was the first Native Canadian to accept the Faith in Canada. He passed away in Seattle, WA. He was well-known in the mid-fifties and early sixties for his evocative artwork and his ability to teach the Faith to his people. He was taught the Faith by fellow artist Gerda Christofferson, whom he later married. Mr. Wuttunee had lived in the United States since the mid-sixties. [BC vol 9 issue 3 Sept 1996 p27]
  • Gerda Christofferson passed away in Calgary 14 July 2012. [Calgary Herald]
  • Seattle, WA; Calgary, AB Noel Wuttunee; Gerda Christofferson
    2001. 31 Aug - 3 Sep The 25th Annual Conference of the Association for Bahá'í Studies-North America was held at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in Seattle, WA. The 19th Hasan M. Balyuzi Memorial Lecture was given by Hossein Amanat and Fariborz Sahba. Featured speakers were: Counsellor Rebecca Murphy, Counsellor Eugene Andrews, Holly Hanson from Mt Holyoke College, Anne Furlong from the University of Prince Edward Island and Lasse Thoresen of the Norwegian State Academy of Music. [BCVol14 No 4 August 2001 p10] Seattle, WA Bahai Studies, Associations for

    from the Main Catalogue

    1. Anne Gould Hauberg and Mark Tobey: Lives Lived for Art, Cultivated by Spirit, by Anne Gordon Perry, in Journal of Bahá'í Studies, 26:4 (2016). On the friendship and working relationship between Seattle art patron Hauberg and Seattle-based painter Tobey. [about]
    2. Story of the Last One Hundred Years of the Baha'i Faith in Seattle, The, by Zabine van Ness (2007). Compiled for the 2007 centenary of the Seattle and Spokane Bahá’í assemblies, detailing the 100 year history of the Bahá'í Faith in Seattle. [about]
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