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1954 4 May Elizabeth Stamp, an Irish-American widow from New York City, arrived in St Helena and was named a Knight of Bahá’u’lláh. [BW13:456] St Helena Knights of Bahaullah
1960 Late Eric Moyce and Gay Corker, both youth and the first two local people to become Bahá’ís in St Helena, enrolled. St Helena Eric Moyce; Gay Corker
1967 25 Oct The passing of Canadian pioneer Catherine Huxtable (b. 6 January, 1932 Carlwood, Surrey, England) at her home in Jamestown, St Helena. Her life had been shortened due to muscular dystrophy. She, husband Cliff and son Gavin had arrived on St. Helena some nineteen months before. [LNW169, BW14p313-315]
  • See A Conqueror for St. Helena: A Tribute to Catherine Huxtable by W. G. Huxtable.
  • Jamestown; St Helena Catherine Huxtable; Clifford Huxtable; Gavin Huxtable; In memoriam
    1973 (In the year) The first local spiritual assembly in St Helena was formed. St Helena LSA

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    1. Conqueror for St. Helena, A: A Tribute to Catherine Huxtable, by W. G. Huxtable, in Bahá'í News, 522 (1974). Huxtable, member of the LSA of Toronto, traveled from Canada to fulfil various pioneering goals, all while suffering from muscular dystrophy. [about]
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