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1943 18 Jun The passing of Mabel Rice-Wray Ives (Riswanea) (b. in St. Louis, MO in 1878, d. in Oklahoma City, OK). She was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City. [BW9p616-623; Find a grave]
  • "Mable Ives, after she married Howard Colby Ives, became known to many who loved her as Rizwanea. For very many years they traveled and taught the Faith. It was their entire life. They traveled through the New England states, through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, New York and many many more (including Toronto and Hamilton in Canada)- always teaching, always leaving an established Assembly behind them." [Find a grave; TMLF62-67, SEBW139-154]
  • They spent nearly the last twenty years of his life as itinerant teachers. (Often teamed up with the Obers and the McKays) For example they came to Toronto in November of 1938 and stayed for about 10 months. During that time Mabel gave more than 150 lectures in Toronto and about 70 in Hamilton, Toronto's expansion goal. Howard, who was had had heart problems and who was rapidly losing for sight and hearing at the time, complemented her abilities by doing personal deepening with receptive souls. [TMLF62-67, SEBW139-154]
  • St Louis; Oklahoma City; United States Mabel Rice-Wray Ives (Riswanea); In Memoriam; Births and deaths
    1974 28 Aug - 2 Sep The conference held in St Louis, Missouri, to launch the Five Year Plan in the United States attracted some 10,000 Bahá’ís, the largest gathering of Bahá’ís to take place anywhere in the world to date. [BW16:203; VV40]
  • See "From Badasht to Stain Louis; An Evaluation of the First Bahá'í Conference and the Largest" by Zikrullah Khadem, ZK266-278.
  • St Louis; Missouri; United States; Badasht; Iran Conferences, Bahai; Zikrullah Khadem
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