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1988. (In the year) Hand of the Cause of God William Sears and his wife Marguerite Reimer Sears initiated the first Desert Rose Bahá'í School with the assistance of a core group of dedicated friends. This became an annual event for the Southern Arizona Bahá'í's each Thanksgiving weekend and was held in a rented hall in Tucson, Arizona.

in 1992, after the passing of her husband, Mrs Sears was encouraged by the Universal House of Justice to expand the four-day Desert Rose Bahá'í school to a permanent institute.

In 1996 Mrs Sears, with the help of many friends, purchased land near Eloy, Arizona for the development of the Desert Rose Bahá'í Institute, which she envisioned as an Institute for education in the arts and agriculture. When the land was purchased, the Round House was the only building on the property. A cottage was constructed for Mrs. Sears that provided both comfortable living space and room where she could work with partners on cataloguing and publishing some of Bill Sears' remaining works while building a library. The following year the Desert Rose Bahá'í Institute was incorporated with Not-for-Profit status.

Since that time a Meeting and Dining Hall was built and a Guest House was constructed near the Sears Cottage was built by David Hadden for use by him and his family. In 2018 this Guest House was converted into and Art Gallery. In 2001 a 16 rental apartment was built to help offset the operating costs. In 2004 the William Sears Pavilion was dedicated. It was designed as a place were people could go to reflect, pray, meditate, or celebrate. More accommodations were built in 2005 in the name of the Guffey Center, honouring two volunteers, Ray and Gloria Guffey.

In 2017 the DRBI was granted a licence to operate a low power (LP) radio station for Eloy Arizona to serve the community. Radio station KURE was licensed to operate on 106.1 FM as part of the Institute.

In 2019 DRBI Board member Dwight Cox initiated an agricultural project to grow organic produce. [DRBI website; Desert Rose Bahá'í Institute - History]

Tucson,AZ; USA Bahai radio; Bahai-owned radio; Institute
1992 25 Mar William Benard Sears, (b.28 Mar 1911), Hand of the Cause of God, passed away in Tucson, Arizona. He was buried in East Lawn Palms Cemetery and Mortuary Tucson, Arizona. [BINS267; VV124]
  • Shoghi Effendi had appointed him among the third contingent on the 2nd of October, 1957. [MoCxxiii]
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  • See LoFp496-506 for a short biography.
  • He was the author of several books:
    • All Flags Flying, The NSA of South and West Africa, (1958)
    • A Cry from the Heart: The Bahá'ís of Iran, George Ronald, (1982)
    • God Love Laughter, George Ronald, (1960 and multiple re-prints)
    • The Prisoner and the Kings, General Publishing Company, (1971)
    • Release the Sun, Bahá'í Publishing Trust, (1957)
    • Thief in the Night or The Strange Case of the Missing Millennium, Talisman Books, (1961 and multiple re-prints
    • The Wine of Astonishment, George Ronald, (1963 and multiple re-prints)
    • The Flame; The Story of Lua, (with Robert Quigley), George Ronald, (1972) [Collins7.2354-79]
  • Tucson; Arizona; United States Hands of the Cause; Hands of the Cause, Births and deaths; Births and deaths; William Sears; In Memoriam; Hands of the Cause, Third Contingent

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