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1976 6 – 7 Nov The first Canadian Bahá'í Native Council was held in Tyendinaga, Ontario. [BW17:162] Tyendinaga First Nation, ON; Ontario; Canada

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1949 Jan (Late) Jim and Melba Loft and their children, Sam, Arthur and Evelyn returned to Tyendinaga First Nation from Marysville Michigan. [RT43]
  • The first to respond to their teaching was a white couple, Bert and Elizabeth Curtis. [CBN 15 September 1950 p8-9]
  • Later Melba Loft became the first woman ever to he nominated as a candidate for election to the Indian Council (First Nation Council) of the Tyendinaga Reserve (Tyendinaga First Nation). [CBN No49 Feb 1954 p5]
  • Evelyn Loft was officially commended by the government agent for the honour she has brought to the reserve by her excellent standing at Belleville Collegiate Institute. [CBN No49 Feb 1954 p5]
  • Tyendinaga First Nation, ON Jim Loft; Melba Loft; Sam Loft; Arthur Loft; Evelyn Loft
    1973. 22 May The passing of Alfred "Jim" Loft (b. 13 July 1908 in Hiawatha, Ontario) on Tyendinaga First Nation [BW16p514-516]

    Alfred James Loft (1908-1973) was the first Canadian Bahá'í of the Mohawk Nation. His earliest childhood recollection was of sitting on a fence near his home (in Oshawa, Ontario) watching a train crossing the landscape. A figure clothed in flowing white robes was on the train, smiling and waving at him. In confusion and delight Jim toppled backwards. When he found the Bahá'í Faith in 1948, he recognized the figure on the train as ‘Abdu'l-Bahá, Who had left Montreal on 9 September 1912 on a train bound for Toronto where He changed trains for Buffalo, New York. In 1949, in obedience to the Guardian's wishes, Jim returned with his family to the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Tyendinaga) to establish the Faith among his people, remaining there until his death.
    [Witness of Pebbles, by Roger White, p24]

    Tyendinaga First Nation, ON; Hiawatha, ON In Memoriam; Jim Loft; Roger White
    1976 6 – 7 Nov The first Canadian Bahá'í Native Council was held in Tyendinaga, Ontario. [BW17:162] Tyendinaga First Nation, ON
    1979 The news of the formation of the first Spiritual Assembly of the Tyendinaga brought the Universal House of Justice great happiness, A letter written on behalf of the House of Justice to Evelyn Loft states: ‘The steadfastness of your parents in remaining at their post is indeed exemplary and fully demonstrates the spirit of true pioneering." [BW19p699] Tyendinaga First Nation, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1985. 22 Nov The passing of Melba Whetung Loft 'Kinaaj-Kwe' (b. 24 December 1912 Curve Lake First Nation) at the Curve Lake First Nation near Peterborough. She was the first Canadian First Nations person to accept the Faith in Marysville Michigan in 1938. Melba and her husband Jim were buried side by side on the Tyendinaga First Nation were he was born and grew up. [BW19p697; BC Vol 8 No 2 April 1986 p17] Curve Lake First Nation, ON; Peterborough, ON; Tyendinaga First Nation, ON In Memoriam; Melba Whetung Loft
    2011. (In the year) The publication of Return to Tyendinaga: The Story of Jim and Melba Loft, Bahá'í Pioneers by Evelyn Loft Watts and Patricia Verge. It was published by One Voice Press of Essex, Maryland.
  • See a review by Lee Brown.
  • See a review by Louise Profit-LeBanc that was published in The Journal of Bahá'í Studies Vol 24 Issue 3/4 (Sep-Dec2014) p107-109.
  • Tyendinaga First Nation, ON Evelyn Loft Watts; Patricia Verge
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