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1920 (in the year) This is considered the date of active participation in the Bahá'í Faith in Canada in Vancouver, the second centre of activity after Montreal. [CBN No 82 November, 1956 p1] Vancouver, BC Statistics
1920 (Summer) The arrival of well-known Bahá'í scholar and travel teacher Jináb-i-Fádil accompanied by Ahmad Sohrab. They travelled with Marion Jack and Martha Root and visited Saint John, NB, Montreal, QC, Gagetown, PE, Woodstock, NB, Brockville, ON, Toronto, ON, Vancouver, BC and Victoria, BC. [SoW20Aug1920, OBCC193] Saint John, NB; Montreal, QC; Gagetown, PE; Woodstock, NB; Brockville, ON; Toronto, ON; Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC Mirza Asadullah Fadil-i-Mazandarani; Marion Jack; Martha Root; Ahmad Sohrab
1922 (Winter) Marion Jack lived in Vancouver for several months, soon a small, active community was formed. During this time Louis Gregory spent five days in the community while on his epic teaching tour in the USA. [TMW120]
  • See her mention of Western Canada in Star of the West Vol 11 No 9 p151
  • Vancouver, BC Louis Gregory; Marion Jack
    1927 (In the year) The second local spiritual assembly in Canada was elected in Vancouver. [OBCC125]
  • Those elected were: George Monroe (chair), Stanley Kemp (tres.), Evelyn Kemp (sec'y), Rhoda Harvey, Thursa Murwood-Clark, Christina Monroe, Isobel Seifert, Florence Sherborne, and Katherine Warnicker. [OBCC130]
  • Vancouver, BC Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; George Monroe; Stanley Kemp; Evelyn Kemp; Rhoda Harvey; Thursa Murwood-Clark; Christine Monroe; Isobel Seifert; Florence Sherborne; Katherine Warnicker
    1937 Apr 1938 The Vancouver community developed a series of 12-minute radio programs broadcast on CJOR radio. The subject was "World Order". Along with an accompanying brochure on the 12 principles and study classes for the public, the program attracted from forty-five to sixty interested persons. The programs were heard in Victoria, Comox, Armstrong and Vernon. [OBCC215] Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC; Armstrong, BC; Vernon, BC radio
    1938. 30 May A visiting Bahá'í, Emeric Sala, gave a talk at "the Phoenix Club".

    On that same day Rowland Estall, a Bahá'í pioneer from Vancouver arrived to settle in Winnipeg. He had left a secure job for the prospect of no job during the depression of unequalled magnitude.He quickly secured a position with Great West Life selling group insurance.

    Just previous to Estall's arrival, Sylvia King agreed to reside in Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p12, 15; OBCC81]

    Winnipeg, MB; Vancouver, BC Emeric Sala; Rowland Estall; Sylvia King
    1939 25 Mar The incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Vancouver under the Societies Act. [OBCC258] Vancouver, BC Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation
    1939 Apr Jean Doris Skinner became the first Bahá'í to settle in Calgary, AB. She had become a Bahá'í in Vancouver in 1936. She left Calgary in 1949 to pioneer to NL. [OBCC184] Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; NL Doris Skinner; pioneering
    1940 (In the year) Mary E. Fry moved to Edmonton from Vancouver. [OBCC217] Edmonton, AB; Vancouver, BC Mary Fry; pioneer
    1942 (In the year) Muriel Warnicker moved to Edmonton from Vancouver and Marcia Atwater moved to Edmonton from the United States.[ OBCC217] There were only a few isolated Baha'is living in Alberta. [A.Pemberton-Pigott Thesis p8] Edmonton, AB; Vancouver, BC Muriel Warnicker; Marcia Atwater
    1942 c. Mid-year Evelyn Cliff of Vancouver found a teaching job in Calgary and moved there accompanied by Anne McGee, a member of the Vancouver Youth Group. In October Sylvia King relocated from Winnipeg to join Evelyn, Anne and Doris Skinner. [fBN155 August 1942 p5] Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, MB Evelyn Cliff; Anne McGee; Sylvia King; Doris Skinner
    1948 1 Feb The election of the 12th, 13th 14th, and 15th and spiritual assemblies in Ottawa, Scarboro, West Vancouver and Victoria. [OBCC224, 223, 219, 308] Ottawa, ON; West Vancouver, BC; Victoria, BC; Scarboro, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1951. 27 - 29 Apr Canada's fourth National Convention was held in the Vancouver Hotel. Those elected were; John Robarts (chair), Rowland Estall (vice-chair) Laura Davis (secretary), Emeric Sala (treasurer) Rosemary Sala, Lloyd Gardner, Mae McKenna, Winnifred Harvey, and Siegfried Schopflocher.
  • For a list of delegates (18) see CBN No 18 Mar 1951 p2. For the agenda see CBN No 19 April 1951 p10-11.
  • Amelia Collins attended the Convention and gave the Canadian Bahá'í Community a lock of hair of Bahá'u'lláh as a gift from Shoghi Effendi. In addition, she gave a piece of Burmese alabaster from the Tomb of the Báb, These precious relics were placed in the Maxwell home archives in Montreal. [UC31]
  • Vancouver, BC; Montreal, QC National Spiritual Assembly; National Convention; relics; Amelia Collins; John Robarts; Rowland Estall; Laura Davis; Emeric Sala; Rosemary Sala; Lloyd Gardner; Mae McKenna; Winnifred Harvey; Siegfried Schopflocher; National Spiritual Assembly, election of
    1951. 8 - 9 Sep A two-day Teaching Conference was held in West Vancouver and was attended by representative of all BC communities. The visiting speakers were Helen and Charles Bishop of Portland, and Mark Tobey, of Seattle. The topics were Knowledge and Faith. [CBN No 22 October 1951 p5] Vancouver, BC Teaching Conference; Helen Bishop; Charles Bishop; Mark Tobey
    1954 (In the year) The passing of Mrs Christine Monroe, the first Bahá'í in West Vancouver. She passed away at the age of 94. [CBN No 80 September, 1956 p2] West Vancouver, BC Christine Monroe; In Memoriam
    1954 (In the year) The passing of Christine Monroe at the age of 94. She was the first Bahá'í in West Vancouver. [CBN No 80 September 1956 p2] West Vancouver, BC Christine Monroe
    1958 Apr The Canadian Bahá'í News reported that as of this date 10 Local Assemblies had been incorporated in Canada. They were: Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Scarborough, Toronto, North York Vancouver Vernon, and Winnipeg. [CBN No 99 April 1958 p3] Edmonton, AB; Hamilton, ON; Montreal, QC; Ottawa, ON; Scarborough, ON; Toronto, ON; North York, ON; Vancouver, BC; Vernon, BC; Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1960. Sep (Later part) All the communities in the greater Vancouver area united to launch a Promulgation Campaign in their area. [CBN No 129 October 1960 p5]
  • They sent out about 1,500 kits to clergy and laymen and held a follow-up public meeting attended by 70 to 80 persons including three clergy. Doug Crofford spoke on "Christ and Bahá'u´lláh" and answered questions that followed. A series of panel discussion meetings were planned to begin on October 16th. [CBN No 130 November 1960 p5]
  • Vancouver, BC Proclamation I; Promulgation Campaign; Doug Crawford
    1970. 12 Jan An animated presentation entitled "The Community of Baha'u'llah" made its initial presentation at the Art Centre in Ottawa. They had just come from their trial run in St. Lambert, Quebec and had a plan to visit Oshawa, Hamilton, Guelph, North Bay, Fort William (Thunder Bay), Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Kelowna, Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria before doing their final presentation in Toronto just before the National Convention.
  • The hosts for the presentation were: Al Houdek, Gerry Bourassa; Leslie Houdek, Sandra Kostaschuk, Garry Berteig; Larry Brown, and Valerie Berteig with Dick Stanton as the Tour Manager.
  • Travelling exhibit was intended as a vehicle to introduce the Message of Baha'u'llah. They utilized film, sound and slides, as well as traditional art forms. The plan was to have the local communities integrate interested person into the community after the team had made the initial contact. The eight member team made the three month trip in two vehicles, an Econoline van and a station wagon. [CBN No 236 January-February 1970 BE 126 p1]
  • The tour continued into the Maritimes for several more months with some changes in the team to include Gale Bundy, Fred Ward, and Bob Kingdon. The tour ended at Rochdale College in Toronto. [email exchange with Garry Berteig 4 January 2020] iiiii
  • St Lambert, QC; Ottawa, ON; Oshawa, ON; Hamilton, ON; Guelph, ON; North Bay, ON; Fort William, ON; Thunder Bay, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Brandon, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Edmonton, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Kelowna, BC; Vancouver, BC; Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Toronto, ON Proclamation; The Community of Bahaullah; Al Houdek; Gerry Bourrassa; Leslie Houdek; Sandra Kostaschuk; Gary Berteig; Garry Brown; Valerie Berteig; Dick Stanton; Fred Ward; Gale Bundy; Bob Kingdon
    1979. 28 - 30 Dec In June of this year the executive office of the Canadian Association for Studies on the Bahá'í Faith moved to Ottawa. After consultation on the message to Canada from the Universal House of Justice which stated to ‘‘... further develop the Canadian Association for Studies on the Bahá'í Faith'', the executive committee decided to lower membership rates to encourage wider membership. It was also decided to renew memberships each Naw-Ruz.

    Four regional conferences were held in this, the 4th year of the Association for Bahá'í Studies, in Halifax, Toronto, Saskatoon and Vancouver, all on the same dates. [BC Vol 2 No 3 July/August 1979 p9]

    Halifax, NS; Toronto, ON; Saskatoon, SK; Vancouver, BC Bahai Studies, Associations for
    2000 (In the year) The Furutan Academy was founded by Shahrokh Monjazeb. It was an organization devoted to the post-secondary study of the sacred Writings and the history of the Bahá'í Faith. It had branches in Ottawa and Vancouver. [BBS9] Ottawa, ON; Vancouver, BC Furatan academy; Shahrokh Monjazeb
    2004 19 Apr The passing of Mr Aziz Ismayn Yazdi (b. Alexandria, Egypt in 1909) in Vancouver, Canada at the age of 94. Aziz Yazdi lived in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Great Britain, Uganda, Kenya, Israel, and finally Canada. In 1968 he was appointed to the Continental Board of Counsellors in Central and East Africa and was an inaugural member of the International Teaching Centre in Haifa. [BWNS297, BW'03-‘04pg239] Vancouver, BC; Egypt; Syria; Iran; Iraq; United Kingdom; Uganda; Kenya; Israel Aziz Ismayn Yazdi; Counsellors; International Teaching Centre, Members of; In memoriam
    2007 Aug-Sep In memory of Amatu'l-Bahá Rúhíyyih Khánum and because the Native people had such a special place in her heart and that of the Guardian, Violette and 'Ali Nakhjanání travelled throughout North America during the months of August and September visiting aboriginal believers. They visited Vancouver, Anchorage, Juneau before going to South Dakota, Montana, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia where they spoke with 450 African-American believers. They visited the temple in Wilmette and then the Eskasoni First Nations in Nova Scotia.
  • The primary purpose of their visit was to meet with and encourage the aboriginal believers and to remind the of their responsibility and high destiny in the Faith. [CBN Vol 20 No 3 Winter 2007/2008 p23-25]
  • Vancouver, BC; Eskasoni First Nation, NS Ali Nakhjavani; Violette Nakhjavani; Native Teaching
    2009 17 – 18 Jan The Universal House of Justice called for 41 Regional Conferences to be held over a four month period to mark the mid-point of the Five Year Plan. A Regional Conference was held in Vancouver. [BWNS689] Vancouver, BC Conferences, Regional; Five Year Plan (2006-2011)
    2013 13 Aug The passing of former Universal House of Justice member Mr. Hushmand Fatheazam in Vancouver, Canada. He served on the Universal House of Justice for forty years since 1963. [BWNS964]
  • See Life of Hushmand Fatheazam as told by Fariborz Sahba.
  • Vancouver, BC Hushmand Fatheazam; In Memoriam
    2013 20 Sep Deloria Bighorn, chairperson of the National Spiritual Bahá'ís of Canada, presented, on behalf of the Bahá'í Community of Canada, a submission to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at the BC National Event held in Vancouver from September 18th to the 21st. The formal presentation followed a panel organized by the Canadian Bahá'í Community and Reconciliation Canada. The previous week 250 people listened to Chief Doug White, Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, and Dr. Paulette Regan from the Commission discussing the challenge of reconciliation. [T&R website, CBN 24 September, CBN 9 February, 2018, BWNS1248]
  • For the text see Submission of the Bahá'í Community of Canada to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission or download PDF.
  • The Bahá'í community also produced a short film, The Path Home, which it screened in Ottawa in association with the final national gathering.
  • Vancouver, BC Native Americans; Indigenous people; Reconciliation; Cultural diversity; Human rights; Documentaries; film; The Path Home
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