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1930. 19 Aug Jean-Baptiste Louis Bourgeois, (b. 19 March 1856, Staint-Célestin de Nicolet, QC. d. Wilmette, IL), the architect of the first Bahá'i Temple of Worship in America, passed away. He was buried in East Lawn Memorial Park in Sacramento, California.[Find a Grave]

He, like Sutherland Maxwell and Mason Remey, had studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris. These three and four others submitted designs for the Wilmette Temple for consideration. Other buildings designed by Louis Bourgeois include the Chicago Tribune Building, Evergreen Cabin in Englewood NJ where 'Abdu'l-Bahá hosted a Unity Feast, the Savoy Hotel in Chicago.

He became a Bahá'í in New York sometime during the winter of 1906. In April of 1909 the National Spiritual Assembly called for design proposals for the first Bahá'í Hours of Worship in the West and he submitted is design proposal in October. It was finally accepted at the National Convention in 1920. [DP76-100]

Staint-Célestin de Nicolet, QC; Wilmette, IL; Sacrmento, CA In Memoriam; Louis Bourgeois; Mashriqul-Adhkar, Wilmette
1953. 3 - 4- 5- 6- May The All-American Intercontinental Teaching Conference was held in Chicago for delifileration on plans designed to establish the Faith in all unoccupied territories of the West and also to adopt measures to assist other National Assemblies. Through the association in this Conference of the four National Spiritual Assemblies of the West, and the consecrated consultation of a great throng of Bahá'ís from Canada, the United States, Central America and South America, the dynamic spirit will be created for the launching of our role in the great World Crusade.
  • The Jubilee Program included the National Convention of the the Bahá'ís of the United States, a series of public meetings, the dedication of the House of Worship on the 2nd of may and an International Conference. The whole program ran from the 29th of April until the 6th of May. [CBN No 35 November 1952 p2]
  • Chicago, IL; Wilmette, IL All-American Intercontinental Teaching Conference; Teaching Conference
    1955. 3 Jul Over two hundred friends attended a memorial service at the House of Worship in Wilmette to honour the memory of Marion Jack. The service was held on the advice of the Guardian and was prepared by the National Assembly of the USA in association with the National Assembly of Canada and the European Teaching Committee. Laura Davis represented the Canadian community and read the opening prayer.
  • Hand of the Cause Paul Haney chaired the event and Hand of the Cause Amelia Collins, who was present when the Guardian heard the news of her passing, recalled how he used to say that Marion Jack was a perfect pattern for pioneers. Edna True recounted knowing her as an artist at Green Acre and Horace Holley drew attention to the fact that the Guardian identified her along with Martha Root and other distinguished teachers of the Faith. [CBN No 63 April 1955, Insert p4]
  • Wilmette, IL Marion Jack; Memorial Service; In Memoriam; Laura Davis; Paul Haney; Horace Holley; Millie Collins
    1975 4 - 8 Jul The Ridván Message contained the phrase, "EVIDENCES GATHERING CLOUDS WIDESPREAD OPPOSITION" and the Universal House of Justice called together all the 'high ranking officers' and 'senior administrative bodies' of the Faith in North America for special consultation on the future protection of the Cause" to be held in Wilmette. It was attended by the three Hands of the Cause for North America, Mr Sears, Mr Robarts and Mr Zikrullah Khadem; the four members of the Board of Counsellors, Velma Sherrill, Lloyd Gardner, Sarah Periera, and Edna True; all the members of the National Spiritual Assemblies of Alaska, Canada and the United States as well as representative of the National Assembly of Hawaii; all of the Auxiliary Board Members in North America and special guest, Counsellor 'Azíz Yazdí of the International Teaching Centre.
  • Although the primary reason for gathering was to discuss the issue of the protection of the Faith there were opportunities for members of the three National Spiritual Assemblies and the Auxiliary Boards to share teaching ideas and to hear of the goals achieved in other areas. [BN Vol 52 No 8 August, 1975 p13-14, CBN Issue 287 Aug/Sept 1975 p1-4]
  • Wilmette, IL Conferences; Hands of the Cause; Protection; Continental Board of Counsellors; Auxiliary Board Members
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