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1903 (In the year) Thornton Chase, considered the 1st American Bahá'í, visited Winnipeg, MB on a business trip. [OBCC34] Winnipeg, MB Thornton Chase
1907. (In the year) Honoré Jaxon gave an address to the trades and labour congress in Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p6; Free Press 4 October 1909] Winnipeg, MB Honoré Jaxon
1910. 5 Jan On this date a contribution was recorded to "Temple Unity" from an unknown Bahá'í in Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p6] Winnipeg, MB
1926. 30 Oct The visit of Queen Marie to Winnipeg en route to Minneapolis. No public mention of the Faith was made. [OBCC120] Winnipeg, MB Queen Marie of Romania
1938. 30 May A visiting Bahá'í, Emeric Sala, gave a talk at "the Phoenix Club".

On that same day Rowland Estall, a Bahá'í pioneer from Vancouver arrived to settle in Winnipeg. He had left a secure job for the prospect of no job during the depression of unequalled magnitude.He quickly secured a position with Great West Life selling group insurance.

Just previous to Estall's arrival, Sylvia King agreed to reside in Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p12, 15; OBCC81]

Winnipeg, MB; Vancouver, BC Emeric Sala; Rowland Estall; Sylvia King
1938. 29 Jun Sylvia Matteson King, an American Bahá'í who did a lot of travelling in Western Canada, paid a visit to Winnipeg lecturing on "The New World Order" at a public meeting in the Marlborough Hotel. [OBBC179] Winnipeg, MB Sylvia King
1939 May Lillian Tomlinson became the first known Winnipeg Bahá'í. Tomlinson was at the time a telephone operator. She was a friend of Ernest Marsh (The 6th person to become a Bahá'í in Winnipeg.) and a co-worker of Helen Poissant (The 4th person.) [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p12] Winnipeg, MB Lillian Tomlinson; Ernest Marsh; Helen Poissant
1939. 16 Jun Emeric Sala visited Winnipeg and spoke at a public meeting in the Marlborough Hotel. After that meeting eight attendees determined to form a study group. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p14] Winnipeg, MB Emeric Sala
1940. Jun Winnifred Harvey became the first Bahá'í to enrol in the Faith in Ottawa having learned of the Faith in Winnipeg from Rowland Estall. [OBCC185]

Originally she had been attracted to the Faith by publicity from the New History society but rejected the mixture of "truth and superstition".

Ottawa, ON; Winnipeg, MB Winnifred Harvey; New History Society
1941. 10 Jan Emeric Sala spoke at the Marlborough Hotel again. The chair-person of that meeting was Beth Brooks, who became three months later on April 20, 1942, the seventh local believer. Her declaration was just in time to form the first Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p18] Winnipeg, MB Emeric Sala
1942. Ridván The first Spiritual Assembly was formed in Winnipeg, the eighth in Canada. Members were: Beth Brooks, Ernest Court, Rowland Estall, Sylvia King, Sigrun Lindal, Ernest Marsh, Stella Pollexfen, Helen Poissant, and Lillian Tomlinson (later Prosser). [OBCC227]
  • Lillian Tomlinson (later Prosser) had been the first Winnipeg resident to become a Bahá'í. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p10]
  • Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, formation; Beth Brooks; Ernest Court; Rowland Estall; Sylvia King; Sigrun Lindal; Ernest Marsh; Stella Pollexfen; Helen Poissant; Lillian Tomlinson
    1942 Ridván Canada's sixth and seventh spiritual assemblies formed in Halifax, NS, Hamilton, ON. [OBCC177] Halifax, NS; Winnipeg, MB; Hamilton, ON Local Spiritual Assembly, formation
    1942 c. Mid-year Evelyn Cliff of Vancouver found a teaching job in Calgary and moved there accompanied by Anne McGee, a member of the Vancouver Youth Group. In October Sylvia King relocated from Winnipeg to join Evelyn, Anne and Doris Skinner. [fBN155 August 1942 p5] Calgary, AB; Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, MB Evelyn Cliff; Anne McGee; Sylvia King; Doris Skinner
    1942. c. Summer A Winnipeg believer, Ernest Court, spent four months in Regina as part of Winnipeg's outreach program. He had frequent assistance from his home community. [BN 155 August 1942 p5] Regina, SK; Winnipeg, MB Ernest Court
    1943. 2 Feb Visiting Bahá'í speaker had to engagement on this day. In the afternoon he spoke to the Inter-Racial Fellowship in the George William Room at the UMCA on the topic of "Races and Equalitiy". In the evening he gave a public lecture in the Marlborough Hotel on the topic "This Earth One Country". [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p40] Winnipeg, MB Emeric Sala
    1946 - 1950 Helen Poissant who had learned of the Faith in Winnipeg from Lillian Tomlinson, pioneered to Saskatoon. [OBCC186] Winnipeg, MB; Saskatoon, SK Helen Poissant; Lillian Tomlinson; Pioneering
    1946. 23 - 25 Nov A Public Campaign was held in Winnipeg.
  • on the 23rd: a luncheon conference that included representatives from newspapers and radio stations was hosted by Dr Rice-Wray and Emeric Sala.
  • on the 24th: a public meeting was attended by about 400 people.
  • on the evening of the 24th: a fireside was held after which five persons declared their interest in becoming Bahá'ís.
  • on the 25th: Dr Rice-Wray spoke to about 40 students at the University of Manitoba on the subject "Science and World Order". Subsequently a study group of about 25 students began to meet weekly and a special University Teaching Committee was established with Ross Woodman as chairman.
  • on the evening of the 25th: Emeric Sala spoke to about 40 Spanish students and members of the Spanish American Club on the subject "Latin America Tomorrow"

    Due to the participation of Audrey Robarts many prominent people attended some of the events including the wife of the Lieutenant-Governor of the province.

  • Radio activity included a series of 42 spot announcements over stations CJOB and CKRC which familiarized the listening public with the name Bahá'í the various principles and advertised the public meeting. Edris Rice-Wray was interviewed by Mrs. Eve Henderson on the Women's Hour program. Emeric Sala was given a five-minute interview on CJOE. [BN No 191 January 1947 p5]
  • Winnipeg, MB Edris Rice-Wray; Emeric Sala; Audrey Robarts; Ross Woodman
    1946. 25 Nov A large public meeting was sponsored by the Bahá'í Public Relations Committee of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States and Canada. It was held in the Concert Hall of the Winnipeg Auditorium and was attend by more than four hundred people. The speakers were Edris Rice-Ray, an American and Emeric Sala, a Canadian. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p18] Winnipeg, MB Edris Rice-Wray; Emeric Sala
    1947. 7 Oct The first Bahá'í wedding in Winnipeg took place between Rowland Estall and Yvonne Killins. Ross Woodman officiated, and the event was held at "the Business and Professional Women's Club". [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p19] Winnipeg, MB Rowland Estall; Yvonne Killins; Ross Woodman
    1947 Oct Rowland Estall and his new wife Yvonne pioneered to St Boniface, a goal area for the Winnipeg community, along with Shirley Nichelson and Ted Whitely. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p19]

    Note: On 1 January 1972, the city of Winnipeg amalgamated with old Winnipeg and Metro along with the rural municipalities of Charleswood, Fort Garry, North Kildonan, and Old Kildonan; the Town of Tuxedo; the cities of East Kildonan, West Kildonan, St. Vital, Transcona, St. Boniface, and St. James-Assiniboia into one city.

    Winnipeg, MB; St Boniface, MB Rowland Estall; Yvonne Terrill Estall; Shirley Nichelson; Ted Whitely
    1947 Nov Noel Wuttunee and Gerda Chrostopherson, both who had recently moved from Calgary, accepted the Faith and were married in Winnipeg. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p19] Winnipeg, MB; Calgary, AB Noel Wuttunee; Gerda Chrostopherson; Marriage
    1947 Dec Earnest Court, a member of the first Spiritual Assembly of Winnipeg, passed away and was given the first Bahá'i funeral in Winnipeg. It was conducted by his good friend, Rowland Estall. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p19] Winnipeg, MB In Memoriam; Earnest Court; Rowland Estall
    1949 Ridván The second Canadian Bahá'í National Convention was held in Winnipeg, at Girl Guide House on Osborne Street North. The Winnipeg Bahá'í Community was by then one of seventeen Local Spiritual Assemblies in Canada. A Public Congress in association with the Convention was held in the Art Gallery in the Civic Auditorium.

    An address entitled "Consultation - An Adventure in Mature Discussion" was delivered by Elsie Austin. [CBN No 18 March 1951 p6]

    In nine years Winnipeg had gone from a Bahá'í goal to the host of the Bahá'í Community of Canada for its National Convention. At that time it had the highest rate of annual growth in the Bahá'í Community of Canada, suggesting a vitality not found in but few other communities. About one quarter of the new converts between 1937 and 1947 went pioneering. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p20; OBCC207-210]

    Winnipeg, MB National Convention
    1953. 17 May Following his attendance at the Intercontinental Conference in Wilmette Hand of the Cause Furutan made a tour of Canada with an interpreter, Mr M Anvar. They visited several communities in Western Canada and attended the Feast of Grandeur in Edmonton. [CBN No 41 June, 1953 p3]
  • Visits were also made to Winnipeg,London, Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston and others. [CBN No 42 July, 1954 p5]
  • The tour concluded in the Maritimes with visits to Moncton and lastly Saint John. [CBN No 43 August, 1953 p2]
  • Winnipeg, MB; Edmonton, AB; Ottawa, ON; London, ON; Kingston, ON; Moncton, NB; Saint John, NB Hands of the Cause; Ali Akbar Furutan
    1953. (Ater the Chicago Conference) Dr. Stanley Bolton and Mariette Germaine Roy Bolton of Australia visited Canada after the Chicago Conference. Dr. Bolton was the chairman of the National Spiritual Assembly of Australia and he and Mrs. Bolton were both natives of Canada. They visited Toronto and Winnipeg. While in Toronto they addressed two meetings in the Centre and showed pictures of the Australian Summer School, Bolton Place, which was donated to the Faith by the Boltons. [CBN No 42 July 1953 p3-4] Winnipeg, MB; Toronto, ON Stanley Bolton
    1953 Jun Hand of the Cause Siegfried Schopflocher made a tour of Western Canada to inform the friends of his trip to Haifa, his talks with the Guardian and his plans for the Ten Year Crusade. Stops were made in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary and Edmonton. [CBN No 43 August, 1953 p2] Winnipeg, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Calgary, AB; Edmonton, AB Hands of the Cause, Activities; Siegfried Schopflocher; Travel teaching
    1953. 26 - 27 Sep In Winnipeg, where the conference met in the Cowan home, relaxation from more serious discussion was achieved by a play "The Fireside Wood is Green" presented by the Community Players. [CBN No 46 November 1953 p5] Winnipeg, MB Teaching Conference
    1953 Oct Florence Mayberry of Santa Paula, California made a tour of Western Canada with stops in Victoria, Vernon, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Moose Jaw and Brandon. [CBN No 47 December, 1953 p4] Victoria, BC; Vernon, BC; Saskatoon, SK; Winnipeg, MB; Calgary, AB; Regina, SK; Moose Jaw, SK; Brandon, MB Florence Mayberry; travel teaching
    1954. 14 Feb The National Spiritual Assembly gave the Manitoba Regional Teaching Committee to prepare translations of approved literature into Ukrainian. [CBN No 50 Mar 1954 p2]
  • "The Guardian was greatly encouraged to learn of the steps being taken by you for the translation of literature into Ukrainian and into Polish. He feels that this is a very important step, and one which will produce outstanding results for the Faith". [CBN No 51 Apr 1954 p1]
  • Winnipeg, MB Translation; Ukrainian; Polish
    1955. 26 Aug The Winnipeg Spiritual Assembly incorporated. [CBN No72 Jan 1956 p5; Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p20, 49]

    Members at the time of incorporation were: Singe Saxton, Stella Pollexfen, Claire Atwood, Margaret Saxton, Angus Cowan, Bobbie Cowan, Ethel Martens, Moliie Macpherson, and Miron Thom.

    Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, Incorporation; Singe Saxton; Stella Pollexfen; Claire Atwood; Margaret Saxton; Angus Cowan; Bobbie Cowan; Ethel Martens; Moliie Macpherson; Miron Thom
    1956 Feb The Canadian Bahá'í News reported that the Local Spiritual Assembly of Winnipeg had been incorporated and that they had approved the incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of Vernon. [CBN No 73 February, 1956 p2] iiiii Winnipeg, MB; Veron, BC Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1958 Jan Hand of the Cause Amatu'l-Bahá' Rúhíyyih Khánum met the Bahá'ís of Winnipeg during her visit to Canada. [Bloodworth, Grains of Wheat p20] Winnipeg, MB Amatul-Baha Ruhiyyih Khanum
    1958 Apr The Canadian Bahá'í News reported that as of this date 10 Local Assemblies had been incorporated in Canada. They were: Edmonton, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Scarborough, Toronto, North York Vancouver Vernon, and Winnipeg. [CBN No 99 April 1958 p3] Edmonton, AB; Hamilton, ON; Montreal, QC; Ottawa, ON; Scarborough, ON; Toronto, ON; North York, ON; Vancouver, BC; Vernon, BC; Winnipeg, MB Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation
    1960 Mar Twenty-seven communities in seven provinces participated in the Promulgation Campaign. 12,000 ministers, priests and laypersons received the letter and the newspaper ads reached a total of one million readers. The results could be analyzed in three ways: the spirit of the believers; the response from the churches; and the immediate effect in the teaching work.
  • It was noted that in small communities where economic conditions were more difficult, the level of sacrifice appeared greater.
  • While the responses from the Christian communities was encouraging there was opposition from the pulpit in such places as Saskatoon, Regina, Saint John and Winnipeg. The Premier of Alberta, Ernest Manning, on two occasions, attacked the universal nature of the Cause on national network broadcasts. Other indications are that the awareness of the claims of the Faith is high among some groups and that it is a topic of their discussions.
  • There were some 300 promulgation meetings across Canada and over 50 persons wrote for literature in response to the advertisements.
  • It was realized that with a mass-education program that repetition was essential and so sustained local follow-up was necessary to maintain the momentum. [CBN No 122 March 1960 p4-5]
  • Saskatoon, SK; Regina, SK; Saint John, NB; Winnipeg, MB Proclamation I; Opposition; Promulgation Campaign
    1970. 12 Jan An animated presentation entitled "The Community of Baha'u'llah" made its initial presentation at the Art Centre in Ottawa. They had just come from their trial run in St. Lambert, Quebec and had a plan to visit Oshawa, Hamilton, Guelph, North Bay, Fort William (Thunder Bay), Winnipeg, Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Kelowna, Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria before doing their final presentation in Toronto just before the National Convention.
  • The hosts for the presentation were: Al Houdek, Gerry Bourassa; Leslie Houdek, Sandra Kostaschuk, Garry Berteig; Larry Brown, and Valerie Berteig with Dick Stanton as the Tour Manager.
  • Travelling exhibit was intended as a vehicle to introduce the Message of Baha'u'llah. They utilized film, sound and slides, as well as traditional art forms. The plan was to have the local communities integrate interested person into the community after the team had made the initial contact. The eight member team made the three month trip in two vehicles, an Econoline van and a station wagon. [CBN No 236 January-February 1970 BE 126 p1]
  • The tour continued into the Maritimes for several more months with some changes in the team to include Gale Bundy, Fred Ward, and Bob Kingdon. The tour ended at Rochdale College in Toronto. [email exchange with Garry Berteig 4 January 2020] iiiii
  • St Lambert, QC; Ottawa, ON; Oshawa, ON; Hamilton, ON; Guelph, ON; North Bay, ON; Fort William, ON; Thunder Bay, ON; Winnipeg, MB; Brandon, MB; Regina, SK; Saskatoon, SK; Edmonton, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Kelowna, BC; Vancouver, BC; Nanaimo, BC; Victoria, BC; Toronto, ON Proclamation; The Community of Bahaullah; Al Houdek; Gerry Bourrassa; Leslie Houdek; Sandra Kostaschuk; Gary Berteig; Garry Brown; Valerie Berteig; Dick Stanton; Fred Ward; Gale Bundy; Bob Kingdon
    1996. 7 Jan The passing of Knight of Bahá'u'lláh Mary Zabolotny McCulloch (b. 9 November 1918 in The Pas, MN). As a single woman she had fulfilled the difficult goal for the Ten Year Crusade in Anticosti because the entire territory was under the control of the Wayagamack Pulp and Paper Company and residence on the island would necessitate employment by that company. She was only able to stay for a few months but nonetheless won the accolade. She visited the island on three occasions in later years.

    She married Ken McCulloh in 1958 and they settled in Baker Lake in 1958 where Ken had been pioneering. They stayed until 1979 [BWIM277]

  • Find a Grave
  • Winnipeg, MB; The Pas, MB; Baker lake, NU Mary Zabolotny; Mary McCulloch; Knight of Bahaullah; In Memoriam
    2013 9 Oct The passing of Redwan Moqbel in Winnipeg. He was recruited to the Department of Medicine, University of Alberta as a Professor in 1995 and served as the Director of the Pulmonary Research Group. There he received such prestigious awards as Alberta Heritage Medical Senior Scholar, Heritage Scientist and Heritage Senior Investigator. In 2008, Redwan became Professor and Head of the Department of Immunology at the University of Manitoba, and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta. He was well recognized for his mentorship of young biomedical scientists, whom he encouraged to adopt "a noble goal." [Winnipeg Free Press]
  • Celebration of Life.
  • Winnipeg, MB In Memoriam; Redwan Moqbel
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