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1953 Oct Noland Boss arrived Yellowknife (MacKenzie District). Noland was one of the first believers to arise during the Ten Year Crusade, and to travel from his home community in the Okanagan Valley north to the frontier town of Yellowknife which was a twentieth century version of a nineteenth century mining camp. Here amidst a floating and ever changing population, Noland found employment and in later years to it he brought his bride. In the years that have followed, Noland and Bernice established their home and raised their family and, with undeviating steadfastness, have remained at their post.

Other pioneers to Yellowknife were Ted Blencowe (1954 September) and later his wife, Helen, and Don and Midge Ulery, as well as Arthur and Lily Anne Irwin. [CBN No57 Oct 1954 p1; CBN No 207 Apr 1967 p8]

Yellowknife, NT Noland Boss; Bernice Boss; Ted Blencowe; Helen Blencowe Knights of Bahaullah; Midge Ulery; Don Ulery
1967. 24 - 26 Mar The Arctic Policy Conference was held in Toronto. Present were 16 attendees, Hand of the Cause John Robarts, representatives of the National Spiritual Assembly, the Auxiliary Board, the National Pioneer Committee and individuals involved in the teaching work in the Arctic. It was decided to establish Bahá'í houses in Frobisher Bay (now Iqaluit) in the District of Franklin, Baker Lake in the District of Keewatin and Yellowknife in the District of Mackenzie. [SDSC278]
  • Photo of Bahá'í House in Baker Lake.
  • Toronto, ON; Frobisher Bay, NU; Baker Lake, NU; Yellowknife, NT; Iqaluit, NU Arctic Policy Conference; Bahai House; Hands of the Cause, Activities; John Robarts
    1969 Apr The incorporation of the Spiritual Assembly of Yellowknife. This marked the first time that a Local Spiritual Assembly had been granted incorporation status by the government of the North West Territories.
  • At the time of the incorporation the Assembly members were: Bernice Boss, Virginia Evans, Eileen Boyd, Helen Kelly, Jack Boyd, Noland Boss, Rose Mary Thrasher,Henning Jensen, Dan Kelly
  • The Assembly had first been formed in 1963, was lost and reformed in 1967. [CBN No 228 Apr 1969 p5]
  • Yellowknife, NT Local Spiritual Assembly, incorporation; Bernice Boss; Rose Mary Thrasher; Henning Jensen, Dan Kelly; Virginia Evans; Eileen Boyd; Helen Kelly; Jack Boyd; Noland Boss
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