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1931 Oct Notwithstanding the fact that her visa had not been renewed the previous year, Louise Gregory returned to Bulgaria, this time to Varna, a resort on the Black Sea. Marion Jack was able to join her from Sofia and their teaching efforts met with some success. Marion had not only continued Louise's work in Sofia but started a group in Turnova. Much credit is due to George Adam Benke for his part in her success. [SYH173; NBAD137] Varna, Bulgaria; Turnova, Bulgaria; Sofia Louise Gregory; Marion Jack; George Adam Benke
1932 (Spring) Louise Gregory left Varna in the early Spring to go first to Prague Brno and, then to Budapest. She continued her tour around Europe and by July she was in Salzburg, Austria. She spent the summer in the coolness of the mountains of Germany and Austria. By the autumn of 1932 she was back in Varna once again having visited Hamburg, Leipzig, Vienna, Salzburg and Budapest. [NBAD176; SYH177]
  • Marion Jack was based in Varna at this time.
  • In May, 1933 she left Varna for Salzburg, Austria where she spent four days before moving on to Hamburg, Germany to depart for New York. She arrived on the 26th of May 1933 on the SS Hamburg of the Hamburg-American Line. During this trip she had visited Varna, Bulgaria and Brno in Czechoslovakia, Budapest in Hungary, Salzburg in Austria, Berchtesgaden and Stuttgart in Germany. [SYH178, 241]
  • Varna, Bulgaria Louise Gregory
    1933. 9 or 13 Sep (or possibly mid-November) Louise Gregory sailed from Boston to Europe on the SS Sinai. She spent some time in Salzburg and met with Miss Steffi Fürth whom she had met a year earlier. She had become, perhaps, the first believer in Salzburg [SYH180-181]
  • By October she was settled in Varna, Bulgaria where there was a small group of active believers. [SYG181]
  • On the instructions of the Guardian she left Varna for Belgrade to help Martha Root with the teaching work. Louise arrived on the 14th of March 1934. [SYH186]
  • Salzburg, Germany; Varna, Bulgaria; Belgrade; Yugoslavia Louise Gregory; Steffi Fürth; Martha Root
    1991. (In the year) The Bahá'ís of Bulgaria held their first National Conference in Plovdiv. Earlier that year they had elected local spiritual assemblies in Plovdiv, Sofia, Stara Zagora and Blagoevgrad.
  • In November the Bahá'í Faith was officially registered as a religion at the Directorate of Religions. They held their first National Convention in 1992. [Nation Website]
  • Plovdiv; Bulgaria; Sofia; Bulgaria; Stara Zagora; Bulgaria; Blagoevgrad; Bulgaria;

    from the Chronology Canada

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    1930 (In the year) Marion Jack departed Canada for pilgrimage in Haifa and then settled in Sofia, Bulgaria. [OBCC307] Sofia, Bulgaria Marion Jack; General Jack; Pioneering
    1931 Apr Marion Jack arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria, to begin her pioneering service. Sofia, Bulgaria Marion Jack; Pioneering
    1954. 25 or 27 Mar The passing of Marion Jack (General Jack) at her pioneer post in Sofia, Bulgaria at the age of 87. She was born in Saint John, NB on December 1, 1866. [BWNS385, Never be Afraid to Dare p. 227; BW12p674-677]
  • She first learned of the Faith from Mason Remey while she was in Paris during her student days.
  • Marion Jack was one of the first to respond to the call of the Divine Plan performing pioneer service in Alaska and teaching in Toronto, Montreal and may other places. She also spent a good deal of time at Green Acre.
  • In 1930 or 1931 she returned to Haifa where she had been in 1908 and following the visit went to Sofia. During the early years there she attended the German summer school and made teaching trips to Vienna and Budapest.
  • She remained at her post until her passing encountering untold hardship due to poor health, the lack of money, the privations of the war and the subsequent communist rule.
  • See the Guardian's tribute dated the 29th of March. [CBN No52 May 1954 p1]
  • She was buried in the British Cemetery in Sofia. [CBN No 54 July 1954 p1]
  • A tribute to her was published as an insert to CBN No 63 April 1963.
  • See CBN October 1979 for tributes as well as a photo of her gravesite.
  • For her biography see Never Be Afraid to Dare by Jan Teofil Jasion published by George Ronald, 2001.
  • See also Marion Jack: Immortal Heroine by Jan Jasion.
  • See Bahá'í Chronicles.
  • Sofia, Bulgaria Marion Jack; General Jack; In Memoriam; Jan Teofil Jasion
    1957 Oct or Nov At the request of the National Spiritual Assembly, the Department of External Affairs arranged for the British Legation in Sofia, Bulgaria to have a monument erected over the grave of Marion Jack in the British Cemetery. A photo of the grave and Shoghi Effendi's tribute of 29 March, 1954 were printed in the Canadian Bahá'í News. [CBN No 96 January 1958 p5] Sofia, Bulgaria Marion Jack; In Memoriam
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