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Thorough, annotated list of writings and sources relevant to Bahá'í historical research. Includes index of first lines and titles of writings of The Báb (see scan #1).
See also a partial preview at

The Sources for Early Bábí Doctrine and History:
A Survey

by Denis MacEoin

Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1992
This document is available in multiple formats below. Prepared by Mike W. Thomas, who notes: In preparing the original PDF, I cropped each page, removed the many handwritten notes and underscores, straightened and cleaned up any other non-printing marks (many the result of scanning the original or marks on the original pages), and finally recombined them as a reduced size. Even after cleaning up the page images, it was very difficult to read the Footnotes since the macrons are too close to the letters. There may still be some OCR errors (even after a spell check together with my knowledge of transcription) – I corrected many errors in the original document (a few were corrected in Messiah of Shíráz). Some names and words (with descriptions) were added to my transcription list after they were checked. [-M.W.T. 2020]

1. Image scan of the original book, including Arabic and Persian appendices

Download: maceoin_sources_babi_history_scan.pdf [110 MB]

2. Microsoft Word document prepared from the above, Arabic and Persian not included

Download: maceoin_sources_babi_history.docx [1 MB]

3. Small PDF exported from the Word version, Arabic and Persian not included

Download: maceoin_sources_babi_history_proofed.pdf [2 MB]

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