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List of all the English-language titles in the Bahá'í category in Amazon's Kindle e-book library.
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List of 350 Kindle Books in the "Baha'i" Category

compiled by Andrew Mancey
About: This is a listing (see links below) of the Bahá'í books (some 350 or so) in the Bahá'í category (Religion & Spirituality —> Other Religions —> Bahá'í) in the Kindle ebook store:

The earliest entry is in 2001 and the last in September 2021. There were only 8 entries between 2001 and 2010. Books which were not Bahá'í books were omitted, the rest were included. For example there were a number of occult books which were omitted. Note that nothing prevents an author from making Bahá'í one of the three permitted categories but a complaint can be made to Amazon (but don't expect a quick response).

Please note that there are Bahá'í books on Kindle which are not in the Bahá'í category and are therefore not on the list. Future updates with new additions to the list will hopefully be made. The list includes only books in English. I regret that I cannot assess books in other languages!

Of course there is no guarantee that all the books listed are have been reviewed and are factually accurate, however the great majority are from known writers and are reliable.

Categories used are as follows (using the first letter):

    Sacred Writings & Study
    World & social
Please send suggestions and additions to "andrew_mancey [at]". The lists below are in PDF and spreadsheet (xls) format sorted by compiler. [-A.M. 2021]
View PDF: mancey_list_kindle_bahai.pdf

Download spreadsheet: mancey_list_kindle_bahai.xls
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